Scale New Heights: Discover the Secrets of Climbing the Hiring Intelligence Maturity Curve and Reach Data-Driven Recruitment Success with Ease

Hiring Intelligence has established itself as the must-have for all organizations that want to maintain productivity, attract high performers, scale their workforce with quality hires, and prevent employee churn.

But what is Hiring Intelligence, how does it work, and where do you start?

Download the Hiring Intelligence Maturity Curve eBook where Crosschq answers these questions, giving you clear take-aways of steps you can take that meet your organization's needs and fit into your current processes. 


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Hiring Intelligence Maturity Curve

We’re the #1 Reference Check Software, but Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Crosschq’s modernized reference checking and talent analytics platform is trusted by global industry leaders across all market segments.


Tasha L., Chief Human Resources Officer


We consistently reach 100% compliance.

We used to struggle to hit our reference check compliance goal. With Crosschq, we’re hitting our reference checks at 100% compliance each month.

Absolutely recommend this software to every recruiter!


Can catch any discrepancies.

It’s great that Crosschq provides a self-evaluation portion which is new and has provided great insights for our hiring teams. It shows the references and the self-evaluation side by side to catch any discrepancies.


Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

We’re so happy with the user experience.

We’re so happy with the user experience. We’re very pleased that tasks can be completed via mobile, and we can receive text and email reminders.

These features, combined with the useful, authentic insight, make Crosschq very useful.

Lead TA Partner

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