Recap: The Time is Now for AI-Driven Quality of Hire

Recap: The Time is Now for AI-Driven Quality of Hire

On Wednesday, December 15th, 2021, hosted its virtual event, The Future of Recruitment Technologies 2021.

It was a great way for the Crosschq team to connect with HR professionals from all over the world.

Some people came to learn about how AI played a role in today's HR and TA organizations, while others were looking for the latest tools and technologies to help make their team more efficient and effective. 

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We were joined by our fellow sponsors Harrison assessments and Jazz HR (which our integration connects with their ATS in a few quick clicks.) 

  • Harrison Booth Jazz.Hr Booth

    Our booth offered attendees:
  • An opportunity to win a $100 gift card. Attendees only needed to drop their virtual business card and they would automatically be entered to win.  Stay tuned to see who our lucky prize winner is on our social channels! 
  • Attendees could also find helpful HR resources such as Improving Your Quality of Hire: Cutting Through Candidate Intelligence  and  AI Recruiting vs Human Recruiting by Daniel Dean, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Crosschq 
  • An opportunity to receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card for completing a demo. There's still time left to sign up. :)

    But the shining moment of the event for Crosschq was when our very own Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Daniel Dean presented  "The Time is Now for AI-Driven Quality of Hire".

    Daniel entertained, delighted, but most importantly educated an audience on the topic that is so crucial to the future of the HR industry. If you weren't sure what Quality of Hire was when you came, Daniel made sure you knew and were fired up about it by the time you left. 

    "Traditional reference checks are broken; it takes too long, they're pretty subjective and based on that, 9% correlation to interview scores and post-higher performance."

    He set the stage by letting everyone know a bit about his background before Crosschq by working at BambooHR, and what he was going to cover  during the webcast:
  • The impact of Covid-19 on the world of work
  • Artificial Intelligence is already here 
  • Where AI is going?
  • Modern hiring success
  • Crosschq hiring lifecycle
  • Are AI-driven analytics for you?

    Daniel also informed attendees of Crosschq's mission to  "To help the world build diverse, winning teams." And how our Talent Intelligence Cloud™ platform is built around helping alleviate hiring problems so companies can see real business outcomes.

Mission Slide

"HR professionals are much more focused on the employee experience and culture and creating great experiences for everyone"

Let's take a closer look at Daniel's webcast:

Product Wheel
"On average, your average talent acquisition managers are spending about 13 hours a week sourcing candidates, a 1/3 of what all recruiting talent acquisition managers are spending."

Throughout the entire hiring lifecycle, Crosschq has you covered from pre-hire to post-hire: source, screen, hire, measure --> repeat.

And the process thanks to great data-driven technology takes up to 95%  faster than traditional reference checks with Crosschq 360 making your team more effective and efficient, but also providing a better experience for your candidates, recruiters, and references. 

With Crosschq Recruit, source more efficiently with our 100% opt-in candidate referral solution to build your talent pools. As Daniel mentioned, we're currently seeing three references per candidate with a 35% opt-in rate, so that's about one qualified active candidate per reference check.

Talent Intelligence Cloud (1)

Crosschq Analytics is your single source of truth for Quality of Hire. With early star detection, as well as identifying those who are at risk for quick quits, you can act quickly and by putting programs into place at your organization to increase retention.

Next Evolution in Talent Acquistion

"94% of recruiting professionals believe employees with strong soft skills have a better chance of being promoted to a leadership position."

Comparing self-reference scores with the scores of managers, peers, and direct reports is the best way to identify soft skills.

To watch the full webcast on-demand click here.

Take the Guesswork out of Hiring

From pre-hire to post-hire, Crosschq helps you source, screen, onboard, and measure the best talent. Fast.

Request a free demo from a team expert to see how we can help your company. 

Debra Carney

Director of Marketing

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