Our Company Culture

Our mission is to ensure companies and talent are a perfect match. It represents one of the most transformational opportunities that has happened to hiring since the advent of the resume. We re-enforce the culture of our company by voraciously using our own products and hiring people who identify with, believe in and are dedicated to advancing our mission.

Our Values

(Who we are is important as what we do)

We build great products and use them.

As a company that changing hiring forever, no value is greater at Crosschq the “using our own products”. This commitment ensures that we never lose site of our mission and helps us stay hyper aware of driving awesome user experiences.

We prioritize talent and love the underdog.

Our true Northstar is people. We help talent ensure that the company and job they are considering are a great match. We love the underdog and use human intelligence to level the playing field for all job applicants.

We help our customers win.

We build all our products with an intense focus on helping our customers build wining teams. If they win, we all win. We listen intently to their real-world problems and work every day to ensure our software and service help drive sucess.

We are Believers.

We surround ourselves with team members who share the same passion for changing hiring as we do. We understand that life is too short to spend time in a career and at a company that doesn’t align with your own cultural values and mission.

We are remote but still connected.

We strongly embrace a video-first organizational communication strategy. With offices and team members all over the world, we believe face-to-face interaction is vital for building great culture and winning teams.

It is our company.

We have different jobs but share the same mission. Words we live by:

Self Awareness · Vulnerability · Respect · Trust · Transparency · Laughter

Be part of Crosschq

We are remote but connected and looking for talent across the globe. Please drop us a line if you like what we are doing and want to be part of our movement.

Although we have an office in San Francisco, Chicago and Argentina we would love to work with you no matter where you live.