There's a Better Way to Hire

With reimagined online reference checking and robust talent analytics, Crosschq is the top recruitment software to help you build winning, diverse teams.


  • Pre-hire employee reference checking

  • Candidate referral network

  • Onboarding

  • New hire analytics

  • Closed-loop measurement

"Crosschq's robust platform delivers 360 degree candidate evaluations with insightful data."

Julie Coucoules
Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Blend



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Interview and Hiring Red Flags

Interviewing and hiring the right candidate is a critical step in growing your company, but it's also one of the most time consuming. It takes a lot of work to find great talent, but you can't afford...
Quality of Hire Crosschq 360 Hiring Strategy New Hire Analytics

How to Identify Top Talent

It can be argued that people are the most important asset in any company. This makes the ability to attract top talent for every role a vital part of a successful recruiting process. Exactly what can...
Quality of Hire Crosschq 360 Hiring Strategy New Hire Analytics Recruit

What Is Quality of Hire and Why Does It Matter?

When seeking talent for your organization, it is critical to find employees who will add value to your company in the long term. While the traditional interview and background check offer some...