How to extract useful candidate information through reference checks.

Teams don’t achieve success without proper preparation and strategy. A company’s hiring process is a means to improving quality of hire (Quality of hire is longer than average retention and better than average performance of a new employee). Reference checking is an invaluable part of the hiring process when done right, and as such requires careful planning.

Crosschq is happy to share best practices and tips for conducting meaningful reference checks that will better inform hiring decisions, provide useful candidate data to assist with new hire onboarding, and insights to set a baseline for employee development from day 1.

With our useful white paper and reference checking template, start hiring better today!

Contents include:

  • ‣ The state of candidate referencing
  • ‣ Why do employees churn?
  • ‣ Planning for reference checking success
  • ‣ Tips & best practices for conducting a meaningful reference check
  • ‣ Combating common churn reasons with better reference checking
  • ‣ Reference check template
  • ‣ Automating the reference checking process
  • ‣ Post-hire use cases for reference check data