Pre-hire reference check.

Pre-hire reference check.

  • Detailed 360 report
  • Modern, digital experience
  • Job-based surveys
  • Integrated self-reference
  • Peer, manager and co-worker insights
  • Coaching & growth opportunities
  • Fast and candidate friendly
  • Valuable tool during interviews and onboarding
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Pre-hire reference check.
Candidate referral network
CrossChq Recurit

Candidate referral network.

  • Qualified talent pipeline
  • CRM & ATS integrations
  • Dynamic job matching
  • Comprehensive candidate profiles
  • Cost-effective talent acquisition
  • Passive candidate management
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Candidate referral network
Closed-loop measurement
CrossChq Analytics

Closed-loop measurement.

  • On-demand reporting and analytics
  • Promote data-driven hiring
  • Predict retention
  • ML & AI feedback loop
  • Benchmark vs other companies/industries
  • Reduce impact of poor hiring decisions
  • Measure savings and efficiency
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Closed-loop measurement

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