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2022 HR Calendar

Important dates for the office, compliance, and culture, as well as events and a few favorites to keep on your radar. Plus, a monthly quote from some of the greatest leaders to keep your year inspirational!

Talent Acquisition Dashboard

Download this template and how-to guide for setting up a C-level Talent Acquisition Dashboard that includes KPIs every recruiting leader should be able to track, measure, and report on.

Quality of Hire Scorecard

There are a lot of key metrics to track in the recruitment process. If you want to make better
hiring and talent decisions, though, one metric you need to track is your Quality of Hire (QoH).

The 5 W’s of Reference Checks & Industry Best Practices

Download this white paper and learn how leading executives use high-quality, unbiased reference checks as their secret weapon for hiring the best candidates.

The Ultimate Reference Check Template

Find helpful tips for conducting meaningful reference checks that will better inform hiring decisions and provide useful candidate data to assist with new hire onboarding.

How to Extract Useful Candidate Information Through Reference Checks

Reimagine your reference checking process to improve your company's quality of hire, and use this guide to help you get started.