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Resources to help you be more strategic in hiring and retaining diverse teams. 

Top 5 Interview Questions to Uncover Soft Skills

Find the top soft skills shared by most top performers, and tackle the challenging task of uncovering the how your candidates stack up by asking these key open-ended questions. 

Top 6 Soft Skills for a Quality Hire

Using skills and competency frameworks based on outcomes can transform your entire recruitment pipeline.  Learn which soft skills are the most impactful to making the best, longest-lasting hires.

Strategies to Beat Healthcare Hiring Burnout

With a massive shortage of skilled workers resulting from early retirements, ongoing retention issues, and new competition for talent, Healthcare employee and recruiter burnout is real – and it’s brutal. Here are ways healthcare recruiters can bounce back, improving efficiency and quality-of-hire impact. 

Data Hygiene Playbook for the Greenhouse ATS

Clean, accurate ATS data is the unsung hero that paves the way for informed decisions, improved recruiting metrics, and an unparalleled candidate experience.  How do you ensure your data remains impeccable in an ever-evolving talent landscape? 

Recruiter's Pipeline Management Guide

Use these 7 key strategies to quickly re-calibrate your pipeline efforts and make immediate improvements to your talent pipeline. 

Definitive Guide to Quality of Hire

With the high cost of a mishire and the increasing demand for top talent, Quality of Hire is more important than ever. Drawing from our expertise, learning from helping hundreds of customers and analyzing 24+ million hiring decisions, we’re excited to bring you the most comprehensive guide in the industry.

Guide to Skills and Competencies

Prioritizing a Skills & Competency based approach for hiring and internal mobility may sound complicated but is a win for everyone - leadership, managers, individual contributors, and ultimately the whole organization. 

Candidate Fraud is on the Rise

After analyzing 200,000 data points, Crosschq Data Labs uncovered that candidates are 3.8x more likely to misrepresent themselves during the reference checking process than just the past two years. Here's what you can do about it. 

The Ultimate Reference Check Template

Turn reference checking into the most valuable step in your hiring process with Crosschq's template & tips

Flash Q Report

After analyzing nearly 200,000 data points, the Crosschq Data Labs team discovered this dramatic increase in misrepresentation during the reference check process.  Get the report for more details and what you can do to mitigate risk against fraud.

9 Dangerous Mistakes

If you’re conducting reference checks over the phone, you could be experiencing some seriously negative implications on your hiring process, your new hire quality and even your company’s bottom line.  Are you making these 9 dangerous mistakes?

Hiring Intelligence Maturity Curve eBook

Hiring Intelligence has established itself as the must-have for all organizations that want to maintain productivity, attract high performers, scale their workforce and prevent employee churn. But what is Hiring Intelligence and where do you start?

The Crosschq Q (Quality of Hire) Report

Crosschq Data Labs is here to provide unparalleled insights to support your Hiring Intelligence initiatives so you use Quality of Hire to drive better business outcomes.

7 Key Hiring Intelligence Metrics Cheat Sheet

7 recruiting metrics all talent acquisition pros need to know, including the formulas and industry standards so you can quickly measure, assess and optimize your hiring efforts. 

Candidate Experience Scorecard

What are the steps to deliver those “Wow!" moments that make candidates desperately want to work for you?  Use this scorecard to evaluate each of your stages and quickly identify areas of opportunity.

Hiring Intelligence Maturity Curve

This 2-page cheat sheet covers each of the different stages to help you discover where you are on the Hiring Intelligence Maturity Curve, and provides actionable steps to move up the curve. 

Traditional Reference Checking is Dead

Enter a new era of modern, data-driven reference checking. Find out the significant, far-reaching advantages of using an automated, digital tool to learn more about your candidates.

Hiring Intelligence Data Scorecard

This worksheet is your blueprint to ensure you have the right data at each stage of your hiring process to become the hiring hero for your organization. 

Hiring Intelligence 101 Guide

This 2-page cheat sheet contains everything you need to help you take your Hiring Intelligence maturity to the next level.

2023 Recruiting Benchmarks and Metrics Report

Leveraging recruiting metrics should be an integral part of your talent operations. In this report, we cover 7 key recruiting metrics every modern talent leader must track in 2023. 

2023 HR Planning Calendar

Plan your 2023 year successfully with this HR Calendar Template. Included: important DEI dates, industry conferences and events, popular dates for the office, fun dates-of-the-year, and more! 

Winter Recruiting Pocket Guide: The 10 Most Common Hiring Mistakes by Recruiters

Download the Winter Recruiting Pocket Guide to start hiring top talent immediately. Included are pro tips for interviewing, hiring bias, reference checks, recruiter-manager relationships, and more.

The Crosschq Q (Quality of Hire) Report

Download the Crosschq Q (Quality of Hire) Report  to see 5 radical insights from The Crosschq Data Labs to help Talent and HR Leaders hire, retain, and develop top talent.

A Talent Acquisition Leader's At-A-Glance: Maximizing the Impact of Your Recruiting Funnel

This helpful resource walks you through the three tiers of the recruitment funnel to set you up for success in order to recruit, retain, and develop talent better. Included are candidate attraction, selection, and onboarding tips. 

Quality of Hire Cheat Sheet

Learn from the pros at the Crosschq Data Labs everything you want to know and more about Quality of Hire in this one convenient Cheat Sheet. Bonus! The 5 Radical Insights from the Crosschq Q (Quality of Hire) Report are decoded. 

Headcount Planning Template

Download this Headcount Planning Template from Crosschq to quickly build a data-driven headcount plan. Included: • Weekly Recruiter Summary • Open Reqs by Recruiter • Open Reqs by Business Unit • Yearly Headcount Planner Calculator • Engineering Manager Req Summary • Source of Hire • And more!

Talent Acquisition Dashboard

Download this template and how-to guide for setting up a C-level Talent Acquisition Dashboard that includes KPIs every recruiting leader should be able to track, measure, and report on.

The Pipeline Management Survival Guide for Recruitment

This guide has everything you need to improve your talent pipeline processes including the latest industry stats, job description checklist, sourcing & tracking benchmarks, hiring manager communication tips, interviewing best practices, and more!

Quality of Hire Scorecard

There are a lot of key metrics to track in the recruitment process. If you want to make better hiring and talent decisions, though, one metric you need to track is your Quality of Hire (QoH).

7 Steps to Successfully Navigate a Company Layoff

Minimize impact on your employees and maintain your organization’s reputation when conducting a layoff or reduction in force with these seven necessary steps. Plus, get email templates and technology recs in this essential HR Leader's Playbook.

Fall 2022 Recruiting Pocket Guide: The 10 Most Common Hiring Mistakes by Recruiters

Download the Fall 2022 Recruiting Pocket Guide to start hiring better talent right away! Included are pro tips for interviewing, hiring bias, reference checks, recruiter-manager relationships, and more.

Summer 2022 Recruiting Pocket Guide: The 10 Most Common Hiring Mistakes Made by Recruiters

Download the Summer 2022 Recruiting Pocket Guide to see the top 10 most common hiring mistakes recruiters make, plus five tips to score top talent and start hiring better - now.

The 5 W’s of Reference Checks & Industry Best Practices

Download this white paper and learn how leading executives use high-quality, unbiased reference checks as their secret weapon for hiring the best candidates.

How to Extract Useful Candidate Information Through Reference Checks

Reimagine your reference checking process to improve your company's quality of hire, and use this guide to help you get started.