Customer Story: GumGum

See how GumGum, the industry leader in content analytics, leveraged Crosschq to reduce new hire turnover and reduce time spent on reference checks by -95%.

Customer Story: Upwork

See how Upwork, the world’s largest freelancing network, leveraged Crosschq to fully staff a new sales office in 90 days while improving diversity hiring by 32% and reducing new hire turnover by -55%.

Customer Story: Flagship Pioneering

See how Flagship Pioneering, the venture firm behind innovators including Moderna Therputics and Syros Pharmacueticals, leveraged Crosschq to create efficiencies in their hiring processes and improve organic talent sourcing across their portfolio.

Customer Story: M3

See how M3, the industry leader in software and service for the hospitality industry, reduced time spent on reference checks by -95% while improving candidate satisfaction ratings by 26%.