Who We Are Is As
Important As What We Do

At Crosschq, we help companies build diverse, winning teams and are redefining hiring success. We empower HR and TA leaders with data insights to improve hiring processes and decisions resulting in happier employees, better productivity, and a stronger culture with increased diversity and retention.

We’re building a culture that brings out the best in each of us.

At Crosschq we:

  • Hire talented people and trust them to do great work
  • Are diverse in so many ways, but unified in our mission
  • Pay obsessive attention to our customers
  • Use our personal time to help the underdog


Our culture is rooted in the rallying cry of EQUIPO (eh-kee-poh/)!

It’s the Spanish word that means “a group of people coming together to achieve a common goal."

We chose a Spanish word to reflect our commitment to creating a global, connected company.

Our Values: EQUIPO

Here’s what EQUIPO means to us and how we live it every day.



We hire talented people and trust them to do great work. We empower our team through radical transparency.


We pay obsessive attention to our customers and are super-users of our own products. We’re innovative, and we’re reducing bias in hiring. 


We are the pioneers of the Quality of Hire platform. We strive for perfection; there are no shortcuts to quality. We pay obsessive attention to our customers.


 We’re inspired by the ones we help both at work and through our volunteer efforts, to keep persevering because we know we’re making a difference.


We are diverse in so many ways but unified in our mission. We learn about, listen and celebrate each other. And we are fanatics of feedback.


We’re a work in progress and believe anything is possible. We’re optimistic about the future and how we’re fixing the mis-hire problem for talent leaders and job seekers, forever.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Mike Fitzsimmons Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Mike Fitzsimmons

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Pete Goettner Co-Founder / Chief Product Officer

Pete Goettner

Co-Founder / Chief Product Officer

Chris Drake, Head of Data | Crosschq

Chris Drake

Head of Data

Debra Carney, Director of Marketing | Crosschq

Debra Carney

Director of Marketing

Elena Arney, Director of Communications | Crosschq

Elena Arney

Director of Communications


Esteban Soler

Director, Backend API & System Infrastructure

Gia McKinzie, Director of Demand Gen | Crosschq

Gia McKinzie

Director of Demand Gen


Gustavo Boasso

Director of Product Design


Juan Manuel Hidalgo

Director of Software Development

Katherine Johnson, Head of Marketing | Crosschq

Katherine Johnson

Head of Marketing

Kelsey Peterson, Head of Customer Success | Crosschq

Kelsey Peterson

Head of Customer Success

Lance Dai, Head of Sales | Crosschq

Lance Dai

Head of Sales


Lucas Sonini

Head of Talent


Margot Mazur

Head of Business Development & Partnerships


Nicole Garelick

Director of Customer Support


Omar Mainieri

Director of Product Management

Ryan Collins, VP of Sales | Crosschq

Ryan Collins

VP of Sales

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Crosschq is committed to bias-free hiring.

Bias in hiring has infiltrated all regions, races, ethnicities, genders, and generations across the globe. We are focused on doing our part to help stop the trend and level the playing field for all by going beyond the resume and using human intelligence to help talent stand out and get the chances they deserve. We do this by offering our services to organizations that are committed to driving employment opportunities to those who have been overlooked by our current system. Some of our partnering companies include:

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We are always looking for great talent to join our team. Please drop us a line if you like what we are doing and want to be part of our movement.