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Intelligent Digital Reference Checking with Crosschq 360

Digital reference checking has come into its own with Crosschq 360. It’s the best way to get apples-to-apples comparisons between candidates for key skills you’re looking for in potential hires. It can also drastically cut the time required for due diligence.

Time-To-Hire Is Becoming a Problem

Time-to-hire has become a pain point for many companies. Finding ways to shorten recruitment funnels and still maintain quality of hire is critical. Almost 50% of candidates who decline job offers do so because they have received a better offer in the meantime. 


Top candidates are staying on the market for as few as 10 days, but the reference checking process alone can take that much time to complete. The recruitment process simply takes too long. In a competitive job market, the organization that can make the fastest move may well be the one that secures the desired candidate.


However, it’s not all about how fast your company can get through the reference checking process. The accuracy and breadth of the information - the intelligence - you can gain from each check is key to making good hires.


Then it’s all about how you can use that information to compare candidates against each other across similar metrics. The goal isn’t just to fill a position as quickly as possible but to fill it with the best match for the job. 


How can you fast-track reference checking without sacrificing quality of hire? The secret is in using an intelligent, digital reference checking solution that not only makes the process faster but also makes it smarter. 

Electronic and Digital Reference Checks Remove Roadblocks

Traditional reference checking has become a hindrance rather than a help for many companies seeking to hire top talent in a hurry. The obstacles and issues posed by reference checking can include:


  • It takes too long to do traditional reference checks on employees to fill key positions
  • Employees accept other positions in the face of a seemingly interminable process
  • Hiring managers use methods that do little more than confirm prior employment
  • Reference checking depends on flawed reference questions that open the door to bias
  • Reference checking gets shunted to the back of the line, performed as an afterthought
  • Hiring managers just do background checks and skip reference checks
  • Some companies don’t even do reference checks until after an employee is hired


With old-fashioned methods of completing reference checks - phone calls, a rote set of open-ended questions - you simply don’t get the information you really need to make informed hiring decisions, and hiring runs into a bottleneck at this stage due to the hours it requires to complete the task for just a single new hire. 


digital reference checking

Benefits Of Intelligence Digital Reference Checks 

Crosschq 360 is designed to streamline, speed, and improve the accuracy of the reference checking process. It’s a cloud-based digital reference checking and talent sourcing solution that reduces unconscious bias in the hiring process to help you make the best hires every time. 


While traditional reference checking is a lengthy and complicated process. Crosschq's automated platform has been proven to reduce time spent on reference checking by up to 95%. This means you get hiring done more quickly and stay a competitive choice for high-quality talent.

Automate your talent pipeline with digital reference checks

With Crosschq, you’ll get automatic notifications, updates, and status changes that can be customized based on your specific needs. Automated emails and SMS let you both collaborate with your hiring team and communicate with candidates and their references to save time throughout the reference checking process. 


digital reference checking

Take unconscious bias out of the hiring process

Standardizing your referencing process with Crosschq helps remove unconscious bias from the equation. Data is filtered and collated into actionable intelligence, ensuring every candidate has equal opportunity, making it possible to increase new hire diversity by up to 30%.

[See Reducing Unconscious Bias in Recruitment with Crosschq 360]

Configure electronic surveys and reference questions

Select a job-specific survey pack for each role, then determine who you want references to come from: peers, mentors, managers, and other relevant contacts. Gather reference data specific to your company by adding specific questions to your surveys. Find out how close match candidates are for your company culture by asking questions about how productive they are while working remotely, and whether they are team players.

Get a complete picture of candidates pre-hire

Gain an understanding of new hires before they onboard to get a handle on their attributes. Examine their behaviors, skills, strengths, and weaknesses so you can appropriately customize their onboarding process for maximum positive impact, and swiftly ramp up their performance.

Keep your sourcing pipeline full

With Crosschq Recruit, candidate references can opt-in to your talent pool (our clients see opt-in rates reach up to 60%!) This can help you save time and money when you need to source candidates quickly for other open roles in your organization.   

Enjoy a wide range of partner integrations

Our intelligent digital reference checking process integrates with the tools you already use easily and seamlessly. Use with your existing ATS, HRIS, SSO, and other communication platforms in as little as 15 minutes like Greenhouse, Lever, Slack, Workday, Lattice, SAP Success Factors, Oracle, and more. 

Comply with data privacy regulations

Crosschq helps you comply with all the legalities surrounding reference checks. We do not share or sell any business, customer, or user data. We do maintain full compliance with all major data privacy laws and guidelines, including GDPR, FCRA, and the California Privacy Act, and our software is also SOC 2 compliant.

Keep collecting insights once hiring is complete

Closed-loop analytics use post-hire employee performance and tenure data that ties back to your pre-hire qualitative data to drive continued talent intelligence. You can continue to improve your organization’s hiring processes using Crosschq Analytics to ensure you’re hiring the best talent, every time.

Ready for digital reference checking to streamline your talent pipeline? Contact Crosschq for a free demonstration of our 360 software today. 

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