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Automating These 5 HR Tasks Delivers the Biggest Impact

The human resources department of a company is a critical part of every employee's professional lifecycle from initial contact through retirement or termination. And while it may seem contradictory to remove some of the human element out of human resources, its effects can be hugely beneficial.


So, what are some common HR duties? HR department tasks include everything from recruiting, onboarding, and retaining employees to ensuring that those employees receive the correct pay and benefits, to handling performance reviews, both good and bad. While HR managers and professionals are both willing and capable of handling their many responsibilities, HR task automation can make the department much more effective and efficient. 

When you automate certain HR tasks and activities, you reduce the labor-intensive, repetitive activities so that your HR department can focus on critical tasks that have a greater impact. By automating the tasks of an HR manager and their team, you allow your recruiters, HR managers, and other HR employees to focus on attracting and retaining top industry talent. Below are the top five HR tasks you should automate in order to deliver the greatest impact. 

HR Task #1: Recruiting 

When you incorporate AI into recruitment practices, your HR team becomes much more effective. Rather than crunching numbers and keeping track of paperwork, your team can focus on narrowing down the right candidates based on established parameters. 

With targeted recruitment solutions like Crosschq's Recruit candidate referral network, you can enjoy cost-effective talent acquisition by creating a qualified talent pipeline. There are no more scoring tests or sorting through resumes and cover letters. All of the applicant data is parsed and sorted using state-of-the-art data analytics and dynamic job matching, so it surfaces the most qualified candidates who are a good job match for the position you’re hiring for.

With Crosschq Recruit, you have all of the candidate information you need at your fingertips in comprehensive candidate profiles. This allows you to choose your candidates from a pool of highly-qualified opt-in candidates, without the need for manual review of each individual resume. 

By narrowing the pool to the most qualified candidates, your recruiters save time for both themselves and the hiring team. 

Increase diversity hiring by 32%

HR Task #2: Reference Checks and Interviews

With AI technology identifying candidate matches based on your search criteria, your recruiting team will only send qualified candidates for interviews, which saves more time for your hiring team. Crosschq's 360 pre-hire reference check provides crucial assistance for interviewers in the form of automated reference checks, surveys, and self-references.

Instead of spending hours on time-consuming interviews with individuals who don't have the qualifications, your hiring team can select from a tailored pool of applicants that meet the needs of the company as a whole. 

Hiring managers can go to each interview knowing that each candidate has the basic skills, education, and experience for the position. This allows them to conduct more in-depth interviews to find candidates who are suited to the company's culture and environment. 

HR Task #3: Onboarding

Incorporating AI technology into your onboarding can streamline the entire hiring process and ensure that employees have a positive experience. By automating your recordkeeping and paperwork, you allow your HR department to focus on more important aspects of recruitment, hiring, and retention. 

Not only does automated onboarding make your hiring process quicker and easier, it allows your company to collect critical data that can help ensure retention in the future.

Using Crosschq Analytics, you can take the information you obtain during the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes to refine your job descriptions, recruitment methods, and retention strategies. With state-of-the-art data collection and analytics technology, you can narrow down common characteristics shared by less successful candidates and weed them out of future pools, thereby enhancing your employee retention in the long run. 

HR Task #4: Performance Evaluations

HR doesn't just handle the hiring process, they are responsible for ensuring that new hires provide value to the company. The goal is to ensure that employees create more value than they take, which includes performance evaluations and metrics. 

With Crosschq 360 and Analytics, you can conduct regular evaluations based on standardized measurements, in order to ensure that employees are meeting performance benchmarks. 

Tracking employee progress throughout their career provides you with two primary benefits. First, it helps you to keep your employees on track and provide them with achievable goals, which helps them to understand their roles and see areas for improvement. Secondly, AI performance tracking allows you to evaluate overall employee performance at a company level, and establish business and hiring strategies based on long-term trends. 


Improve new hire satisfaction by 26%.

HR Task #5: Employee Retention and Hiring Projections

With Crosschq Analytics, you can take the data that you collect from hiring, onboarding, culture, engagement, and performance reviews to create recruitment strategies that attract top talent. By analyzing data from current and previous employees, you can tailor your business practices to keep the most talented members of your team. Employee retention isn't just about compensation, it's also about creating an environment where employees feel empowered and supported to do their best work. 

Using Crosschq's Analytics data analysis technology, you can establish which aspects of your company's culture, management practices, pay, and other factors affect your overall employee retention. 

You can use this information to modify your company's policies and practices, as well as improve your employees’ experience, in order to retain talent. In addition, you can apply this information to your business projections in order to determine how many employees you need to add to maintain current business levels or scale up your operations. 

Automated Recruitment, Assessment, and Analytics by Crosschq

Create more efficient HR processes with Crosschq data analytics and AI technology. When you work with Crosschq, you benefit from comprehensive reference checks, employee screening, onboarding, performance assessments, and data analytics. 

Our Crosschq 360 talent acquisition software, Recruit candidate referral network, and data-driven Analytics will help you streamline HR processes so you can focus on attracting and retaining top talent.

To learn more about ways that Crosschq's cutting-edge AI technology can improve your HR processes, contact us today to schedule your demo.

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