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New Hire Onboarding Checklist

You've found the talent, and now it's time to make them a part of the team. Onboarding is a crucial part of that process. It gives new employees the tools they need to be successful while also reducing the risk of burnout. With the right onboarding process, you can help new employees increase their productivity and raise those all-important retention rates.

There is a lot to remember when it comes to good onboarding, especially when the process can last up to a year. Having a new hire onboarding checklist handy can help you keep track of things so that you can be sure each new employee is getting what they need for a successful start. Every company will have a slightly different process, but you can use the list below as an onboarding outline for your next new hire. 

New Hire Checklist: Before They Start

  • File paperwork with HR. Make sure HR has everything they need to process the new employee, including information for background checks. 
  • Set up their workspace.
    • If the employee will be working in-house, make sure they have a place to work. Prepare the workstation with everything they need, including a chair and computer equipment.
    • If they are working from home, send out any equipment they'll need early so that they can get it up and running before the first day. 
  • Get login information from IT. All the new employee's usernames and passwords should be ready for the first day so that they can jump right in. 
  • Contact the employee. Ask if they have any questions and see how they are feeling about their first day. 
  • Send an announcement. Introduce the new employee and make sure their team knows when they are starting. It may be necessary to inform other departments as well. 
  • Schedule training. Schedule any training the new employee will need with the appropriate areas. Get it on everyone's calendars and make sure they know who they are training and what topics they'll need to cover.

New Hire Checklist: On the First Day

  • Fill out paperwork for HR. This will include documents like tax forms and information like emergency contact information. 
  • Schedule the orientation. Give the new employee an overview of the company's structure, mission, and values. This is a good time to talk about details like where to park, dress codes, or how to fill out timesheets. 
  • Tour the site. Show the new employee around, making sure they know where to find key facilities like bathrooms, parking, copy machines, and break room spaces. Let them know about perks like free coffee or where to find snacks, too. 
  • Meet key coworkers. The new employee will want to meet their new team members, of course, but don't stop there. Make sure they meet key individuals they'll be working with within other departments. They should also meet administrative assistants, the HR team, and their line managers. This is a good time to schedule lunch or coffee time for them with a peer, too. These meetings can also be virtual video conferences if the new employee is remote.

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New Hire Checklist: Within the First Week

  • Set feedback time. Give the new employee some time to settle in and then schedule time for feedback. Ask them how things are going and if they have any questions about their job, their team, or the company. 
  • Follow up on training. Make sure the training is happening and check in with the employee after training is complete. Make sure they are feeling comfortable with software and procedures, and if not, schedule additional training for them. 

New Hire Checklist: During the First Year

  • Schedule regular check-ins. During the first year, you should check in with your new hire every 30, 60, and then 90 days. In addition to one-on-one feedback, there are also easy digital options for surveys like Crosschq Analytics which offers key insights. These periodic check-ins can help prevent burnout and ensure the new employee has the tools they need for success. 

In addition to following a new hire onboarding checklist, data-driven analytics provide valuable information that can make onboarding and determining quality of hire even easier.

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