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How GumGum flipped their new hire turnover rate upside down

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Opt Ins

34% of references opted-in to learning about open roles at GumGum, providing a new stream of candidates

New Hire Turnover

New hire turnover rate decreased to just 6% since signing with Crosschq, vs industry average of 25%


Reduced potential turnover costs in 6 months with Crosschq

About GumGum

GumGum is a global technology and media company specializing in contextual intelligence. For over a decade, they have applied our proven machine learning expertise to extract value from digital content for the advertising and sports industries.

For advertisers, GumGum offers a full suite of pioneering future-proof solutions. The company’s contextual advertising engine, Verity™, comprehends the meaning of text, images and video online, allowing marketers to safely and precisely place ads where people are most engaged. Combining that contextual targeting and brand safety intelligence with proprietary high-impact ad formats, GumGum’s advertising solutions deliver industry leading efficiency, accuracy and performance.



Advertising Services


Santa Monica, California

Company Size:

501-1,000 Employees


Crosschq 360

The Goal

The recruiting team at GumGum needed to save time by creating efficiencies in their hiring process.


GumGum’s reputation hinges on the relationship between employees and customers, so hiring teams need to hire talented individuals with both the technical and soft skills to represent the company well while fitting into, or better yet, adding to their vibrant company culture.


Saving time was critical, but GumGum didn’t only want to create efficiencies, they also needed to improve year-1 retention and reduce disruptions in production by mitigating turnover.

The Challenge

GumGum wanted to move beyond a candidates resume and Linkedin profile, and the limited feedback given by references was not enough information to make informed hiring decisions for GumGum.


They wanted more detail, and wanted to hear from more people who worked with a candidate to provide a clearer picture.


The recruiting team was spending way too many hours on manual reference checks while not getting back candidate intelligence that would inform hiring decisions or help hiring teams understand how to onboard or develop their new hires.

The Solution

Crosschq’s reference checking platform was integrated into GumGum’s existing hiring workflows in snap. With an implementation time of less than 15 minutes, GumGum’s recruiters were able to launch role-specific reference survey requests to their candidates on day 1.

According to Jessica Trujillo, Sr. Talent Acquisition Coordinator at GumGum, “Crosschq has added value by allowing us to make better and faster decisions on hiring with the data that is being collected. I appreciate the in-depth data points it provides to our hiring manager/teams. I love hearing how “WOW’d” our internal stakeholders are when they first receive a completed Crosschq360 report. This is a great tool to help strengthen our partnership across all hiring teams.”

GumGum immediately saw significant improvement in the quality, quantity and impact of their candidate intelligence data, which better informed hiring decisions and created efficiencies in their hiring process to give recruiters time back to spend on more strategic initiatives.

However, some of the biggest benefits of Crosschq have come in post-hire usage of reference checking data. Hiring managers treat Crosschq reports as a pre-hire 360 review, with the data informing a new hires onboarding and development plan by identifying candidate motivations, the management styles they thrive under, remote work capabilities, and more.

And Crosschq has helped GumGum source more qualified candidates, by creating a reference referral network where references can opt into learning about GumGum’s other open roles. Crosschq couldn’t be happier to help GumGum source, hire, and retain their top talent today and long into their bright future.

Wow, Crosschq reports are the 

most thorough

reference check and

candidate analysis

I've ever read!

Som Puangladda

VP of Global Marketing

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