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How M3 gave time and informative data to their recruiters with Crosschq 360

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Reduction in recruiter time

The amount of time recruiters saved from no longer checking references manually

Candidate NPS

Candidate satisfaction rating increased by 26%


Time spent integrating Greenhouse ATS to Crosschq to gain even more hiring process efficiencies

About M3

M3 emerged in 1998 from one of the industry’s most successful and tenured hospitality companies. That experience, coupled with software development expertise, created an integrated technology platform that allows hotel owners, operators, and managers unsurpassed access to the information they need most.



Software Development


Lawrenceville, Georgia

Company Size:

201-500 employees


Crosschq 360

The Goal

M3 needed to create efficiencies in their hiring processes to give recruiters more time to spend with their candidates.


Candidate experience is a core KPI for M3, as they rightly believe their hiring process is indicative of their culture and thus want to ensure an amazing first impression.


A key step in a M3’s hiring process is reference checking, which was becoming a cumbersome, time-consuming process as their hiring volumes began to grow.


M3’s recruiting and talent acquisition team needed to save time, source more talent, and create better experiences for candidates as their operations grew.

The Challenge

M3’s recruiting team was spending almost 2 hours to check references for each candidate the old-fashioned way; back and forth emails setting up calls, having 3 to 4 calls per candidate, and then consolidating data to share with the team, but with no centralized place for teams to share feedback.


This left little time for recruiters to source talent for M3’s many other open roles or spend time with their candidates in a meaningful way.


And the data that the recruiters were getting from references offered little value to hiring decisions, nor did the data help hiring managers onboard or develop their new hires.


Furthermore, the data they were getting back from references weren’t informing any hiring decisions.

The Solution

Crosschq’s reference checking platform was integrated into existing hiring workflows through M3’s Greenhouse instance. In less than 15 minutes, M3’s recruiters were able to launch role-specific reference survey requests to their candidates. Those candidates would then take control of the process, notifying their references through Crosschq’s platform and completing the reference checking process in record time. M3 took things a step further, customizing Crosschq’s surveys to ensure they were collecting important data on a candidate’s ability to work remotely as well as mining for culture matches. Crosschq’s secure file sharing and collaboration features also created a hub for M3’s hiring teams to share candidate feedback and compare candidates.

According to M3, “Crosschq helps us uncover critical, job-specific skills, soft-skills, and managerial capabilites in candidates. Because the survey is scientifically validated, we can compare our candidates to all others who have applied for the same role. We also get comments about candidate strengths and areas for improvement that help hiring managers one a candidate is hired with power data for onboarding and the creation of an employee development plan that can be deployed on day 1.”

While Crosschq has helped M3 improve the quality and impact of their candidate intelligence data to better inform hiring decisions and created efficiencies in their hiring process to give recruiters time back to spend on more strategic initiatives, some of the biggest benefits of Crosschq have come in post-hire usage of reference checking data. Hiring managers treat Crosschq reports as pre-hire 360 reviews, with the data informing a new hires onboarding and development plan. And Crosschq has helped M3 source more qualified candidates, by creating a reference referral network where references can opt into learning about M3’s other open roles. If there was such a thing as a win-win-win-win-win scenario, this would be it.

Crosschq cut our time spent checking references by

more than 90%


After integrating with Greenhouse, the times saving was

even greater. With Crosschq and Greenhouse, I now have

more time to source and engage with candidates, plus I get


better data that actually informs hiring decisions.

Jeremy Schwartz

Corporate Recruiting

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