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AAPPR Annual Conference

Assess and hire top quality healthcare professionals

Crosschq 360: An innovative hiring tool to stay competitive and hire the best in healthcare

Your lowest cost, highest quality channel for new hires

Crosschq Recruit: Effortlessly build quality talent pools of active candidates

Proactively listen to candidates, new hires & hiring managers

Crosschq Voice: From recruitment all the way through to offboarding, keep a strong pulse with AI-driven surveys

The Healthcare Hiring Handbook

Your handbook for assessing critical soft skills in candidates that drive impact in the healthcare industry

Top 10 Soft Skills for Hiring in Healthcare

Learn about the top 10 soft skills that are proven to make a positive impact in healthcare hiring

3 Proven Strategies to Beat Burnout in Healthcare Hiring

Strategies to support healthcare recruiters so they can bounce back, improving efficiency and quality-of-hire impact