Core Recruiting Metrics

With one source of truth, your ATS, connected to Crosschq in real time, hiring decisions and strategic plans can be made confidently, without the time-consuming effort of constantly pulling, updating and even questioning reports.

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83% of talent leaders believe they have low maturity when it comes to recruiting analytics." 

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The Crosschq Solution: Core Recruiting KPIs in Real Time

Crosschq offers an easy-to-use visualization layer that enables you to:

  • Effortlessly access and share over 200 pre-built core ATS analytics reports. 
  • Integrate with your existing ATS via pre-built connectors as a true plug-and-play solution for this core business need.
  • Filter through your recruiting data for fast extraction of actionable insights to improve metrics, efficiency and experiences.
  • Track important signals like Time in Stage, Conversion Rates, Drop Off Rates and cross-reference them with other KPIs.
  • Combine candidate NPS and pipeline analytics for a full perspective on your pipeline wins and opportunities.  

Crosschq Solutions


Why Customers Turn to Crosschq

Unrivaled Ease
of Use

Pre-integrated with your existing ATS, Crosschq allows you to effortlessly access and share reports from Day 1, accessing hundreds of easy to read out-of-the-box reports.

Clear, Actionable Insights

Visualizations that you can trust and clearly show the areas of opportunity for impactful action.

Substantial Time Savings

All your KPIs are updated in real-time and allow you to see the source of the data so you can be confident in answer hiring questions definitively and quickly.

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Pipeline Health & Plan Attainment

Understand real-time candidate pipelines and overall job health

Crosschq offers an easy-to-use visualization layer that helps both recruiters and hiring managers easily visualize the health of their pipelines.

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Hiring Demographics

Learn how processes impacting groups of applicants

Crosschq enables you to better understand how your existing approaches are impacting everything from bias in selection to candidate drop off and even candidate experience. All available with enriched demographics data enabling you to easily identify areas of opportunity for improvement.

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Interviewing, Assessments & Sourcing

Evaluate interview processes for quality decisions, positive experiences, and reducing bias

A consolidated view of your interviewing operations is the key to optimizing this critical component of the hiring process. Crosschq answers questions from interview-hours-to-role to more complex correlations like Quality of Hire by interviewer scorecard rating.

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My organization struggles with...

Quality of Hire

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Quality of Hire

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Quality of Hire

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54% believe QoH will be #1

According to LinkedIn, 54% of recruiting professionals believe Quality of Hire will be the #1 priority in the next 5 years but are not sure how to improve it.

26% more revenue per employee

Employees with high QoH scores are more engaged. Studies shows that organizations with highly engaged employees capture 26% more revenue per employee.

400% as much productivity

Employees who are high-performers can deliver up to 400% as much productivity as employees who perform poorly, indulge in presenteeism, or are unengaged and unmotivated.