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Quality of Hire

Establish a reliable and consistent approach to measuring this elusive metric.

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Pipeline Health & Plan Attainment

Drive improved collaboration and visibility to both recruiters and hiring managers with pipeline visualizations.

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Candidate Experience

Trigger customized and branded surveys at any step in the hiring journey from apply to accept so you can understand where you have areas for improvement.

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Recruiter Performance & Capacity

Use dashboards to help recruiters better manage their day-to-day operations and recruiting leaders better evaluate their teams.

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Core Recruiting Metrics

Effortlessly access and share over 200 pre-built core ATS analytics reports, a true plug-and-play solution.

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Hiring Demographics

Better understand how your existing approaches are impacting everything from bias in selection to candidate drop-off or even candidate experience.

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Skills & Competency Job Requirements

Implement a learning model that is based on actual hiring outcomes to continually evolve your S&C models.

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Interviewing & Sourcing

Answer the most basic questions, such as interview hours to role, to more complex, like Quality of Hire by interviewer scorecard rating.

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Predictive New Hire Success

Easily understand the totality of your candidate and ensure they are well matched for success in the role.

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