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Our goal at Crosschq is to give every one of our customers a great experience to help them hire better and faster. Whether it’s streamlining the reference process for recruiters or enabling talent to seamlessly manage their self – assessment and referrer outreach, our fundamental goal is to help our partners optimize their talent acquisition.  To this end, we are excited to announce our integration and partnership with Greenhouse.

Streamlining the Reference Process

Integrating with an applicant tracking system (ATS) like Greenhouse allows partners to effortlessly incorporate Crosschq into their existing workflow. Through Greenhouse, companies can easily add a Crosschq reference to any stage of the interview process. It takes just minutes to set up an account and candidate, enabling recruiters to quickly access un biased human feedback on the candidate they are considering.

We want our customers to see results and get real value quickly which is why we make it as simple as possible for new users to integrate Crosschq into their existing hiring process. Being able to easily send reference requests, see results and track applicants helps save time for both recruiters, hiring managers and talent.

Set Up Instructions

To set up the integration, login to your Crosschq administrator account, click the Integrations tab on the left hand side and turn on the Greenhouse integration. Be sure to copy the token/API key. From there, please email indicating that you would like to set up the Crosschq integration. It’s that simple. Feel feel to reach out to us with any questions along the way at

Thanks for your partnership!

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