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A Time to Give Thanks

It’s this time every year when we’re reminded to pause, reflect, and examine what’s right in front of us and the journey that led us to where we are - both professionally and personally.

It’s something we should do every day really, but for whatever reason, the holidays heighten our level of gratitude, introspection, and reflection.

When I think about where I am today professionally, I am so grateful - for the journey that has brought me here, to Crosschq.

It’s a company that is aligned with my core values to help people. Each day, we are helping talent leaders hire up to 95% more efficiently and identify quality talent –   which means more people are getting jobs they are better matched for and stay at longer.

Our CEO always says, “Life’s too short to stay in a job you don’t like.” Our hope is that by creating better matches, we’re helping people live happier lives, and be their best selves.

It’s what motivates me to work hard at my job. I get to wake up each day and play a part in all of that. And that’s more than pretty cool.

By working at Crosschq, it's also helping me live my own best life. Crosschq is full of a wonderful group of diverse people who appreciate, value, and respect one another. We celebrate each other’s business successes, as well as our personal ones.

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Seeing Slacks come through with new customer wins, a baby’s first steps or the exhilaration of a first-time race finisher all are what keep us close even in our remote work environment. 

We call this bond EQUIPO, the Spanish term for "team". It’s also an acronym for our core values. Stop by and check them out - we think they’re pretty awesome.

This holiday, our team gives thanks to the mentors, colleagues, customers. investors, and family members who have inspired us along our path and each day.

And to those, we may never meet but have instilled wisdom along our career journeys, we thank you too. 


We hope these inspire you as well...

Suzanne (2)

I was once asked in an interview what I would do if I were a waiter who was asked by management to push the three-day-old fish on my patrons when I knew that there was perfectly fresh steak to offer. I replied that I would suggest the steak over the fish because it meant that I would have earned the customer's trust and thus, their repeat visits. The interviewer agreed with my answer! 

  • The gist? Don't let short-term wins prevent you from achieving long-term goals.

Suzanne Aiello | Senior Sales Executive


“Make an intentional effort every single day to be someone that is enjoyable to work with. If you do that, the opportunities that will come your way will surprise you."

- My grandfather when I told him I wanted to quit my first job as a chambermaid because I sucked at hospital corners (I didn't quit and turns out he was right)

Maddie Schiess | Customer Success Manager


“If you’ve accomplished one thing completely, you’ve had a successful day.”

- A former CEO that I reported to amidst all the chaos that went on in our startup-like environment

Debra Carney | Director of Marketing


“I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my daily mood that makes the weather.”


Kelsey Peterson | Head of Customer Success


Thankful and blessed to share this journey with this EQUIPO: Amber, Carla, Reese, Chris, Daniel, Debra, Edwin, Emiliano, Erika, Esteban, Fer, Gia, Goat, Gonza, Gus, Hernan, Isa, Jenna, Jessica, Jose, Joshua, Juan, Karen, Katherine, Kels, Lance, Len, Lucas, Luke, Maddie, Margot, Matias G., Matias V., Nicole, Omar, Renee, Ryan, Santi, Susan, Suzanne, Tobias, Wall-e

Mike Fitzsimmons | CEO


Debra Carney

by Debra Carney

Director of Marketing

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