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Crosschq Analytics: Surveying Employees’ Perception of Your Workplace Diversity Efforts

Are your DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging) efforts really serving your employees? Tools like Crosschq Analytics make it easy to continually survey your workforce across a variety of topics, including how you’re doing as an employer on the workplace diversity front. 

Employers vs. Employees: Perception

A majority of companies (60%) say they already have metrics in place to measure the success of their diversity and inclusion efforts, and an additional 28% say they are in the process of setting up a way to track diversity progress. 


However, a staggering 75% of employees in underrepresented groups don’t feel they’ve personally benefited from their company’s workplace diversity programs. This is a large disconnect between how employers think they are doing, and how employees view the same topic.


Half of all diverse employees stated that they see bias as part of their day-to-day experience at work. Additionally, half said that they don’t believe that their companies currently have the right mechanisms in place to ensure that major decisions are free from bias.


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What Your Diversified Workforce Really Wants

Diverse employees want workplace DEIB initiatives that speak directly to their needs:


  • Female employees want appropriate leave for childbirth or adoption, and childcare either on-site or in the form of dependable emergency backup options.
  • Employees of color want blind screening, diverse interview panels, and formal training to mitigate biases, particularly in decision making.
  • LGBTQ+ employees want healthcare that is inclusive of transgender persons and same-sex partners, and gender neutrality in the bathroom and form-filling choices.

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Why Conduct Diversity Surveys 

DEIB surveys can provide insights into whether your company is achieving anti-discrimination goals by producing actionable, real-time data that can be used to create a safe and inclusive environment for a diversified workforce. 


Answers to your DEIB survey questions can give you critical information about whether or not your employees of different backgrounds feel safe, accepted, understood, and valued. They can also reveal where strengths and opportunities lie, and where you need improvements are needed going forward.


Tracking and scoring your diversity progress over a specific period can be accomplished with Crosschq Pulse surveys, which begin at hire and provide touchpoints at regular intervals through your new hire’s first year. These surveys can help you constantly gather feedback from employees about what is working and how you can make things better in regard to workplace DEIB. 


Ready to find out how your employees really think about your DEIB initiatives? Ask for a Crosschq Analytics demo today.

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