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Crosschq Celebrates New Hires: January - February

At Crosschq our company culture is rooted in EQUIPO (eh-kee-poh/), the Spanish word that means “a group of people coming together to achieve a common goal." One of our values in EQUIPO is unification because we are diverse in so many ways but unified in our mission. We learn about, listen, and celebrate each other. 

This week we are celebrating all of our new hires from January to February.

Meet Crosschq's New Hires

Anneli Morse


Title: Director of Revenue Operations
Department:  Sales
Fun Fact: Anneli is someone who can be called a true triple threat. Not only is she an all-star at work, this classical music fan can also be found playing violin for her local symphony when she isn't being a Supermom and wife to her two boys and husband.

Ari Goodstein


Head of Strategic Alliances
Department: Marketing 
Fun Fact:  Not only is Ari a master at partnerships, but he's also one in the kitchen! In fact, Ari was a contestant on Season 10 of MasterChef. If you're looking to learn how to cook the perfect steak (or anything else for that matter), Ari is your guy. 

Lauren Hahn


Title: Marketing Intern
Department: Marketing 
Fun Fact: A Junior from Miami University, Ohio, Lauren's work aspiration may be social media, but she has a true admiration for all things make-up, Benefit being one of her faves. It's no wonder she's so great with color and design! 

Manuel Luna


DevOps Engineer
Department: Technology
Fun Fact: A former Tai Chi instructor turned Engineer, if you're going for a hike, be sure to invite Manuel. He has a unique gift to be able to recognize different types of trees from long distances.  

Nacho Montenegro


Title: Backend Engineer
Department: Technology
Fun Fact: Coding isn't the only talent Nacho possesses! You may be surprised to know that when Nacho isn't being the awesome software engineer that he is, you may catch him playing the guitar. Rock on!

Join our growing team!

If you are interested in Crosschq and joining a culture that brings out the best in each of us check out our exciting career opportunities.

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Elena Arney

by Elena Arney

Director of People & Culture

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