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Employee Spotlight: Kelsey Peterson

At Crosschq our company culture is rooted in EQUIPO (eh-kee-poh/), the Spanish word that means “a group of people coming together to achieve a common goal." One of our values in EQUIPO is unification because we are diverse in so many ways but unified in our mission. We learn about, listen, and celebrate each other. 

This week we are celebrating Kelsey Peterson who is our Head of Customer Success and learning a little about her interests and why she chose Crosschq. 

Meet Kelsey Peterson, Head of Customer Success

Q: What is your name and title at Crosschq?

A: Kelsey Peterson, Head of Customer Success

Q: Where are you working from?

A:  Dover, New Hampshire

Q:  What do you do at Crosschq?

A: Our CS Team helps customers achieve targeted business outcomes while prioritizing an authentic and positive experience.

Q: What do you like about working at Crosschq most?

A:  I'm here for both our mission (helping organizations grow diverse, winning teams) and our people (an adaptable and driven group).

Q: What do you like about our products the most?

A: I like that our three core products are all data-driven and dovetail into one another to provide our customers with a seamless experience. For example, 360 reference checks facilitate Recruit opt-ins (references turn into prospects and ultimately candidates themselves). Analytics connects post-hire performance with 360 pre-hire insights to empower recruiting teams to make better hiring decisions.

Q: What were you doing before you joined Crosschq and what made you want to work here?

A: I was in Strategic Partnerships at HubSpot, managing our enablement and operations. I loved my role! I ultimately joined Crosschq because I was excited by our mission, vision, and the growing team here. I'm invigorated by being a part of a scaling organization with so much early impact.

Q: Tell us something interesting about yourself.

A:  I have officiated over 300 weddings as a Justice of the Peace!

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Elena Arney

by Elena Arney

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