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Empowering You: How to Get a Seat at the Table

Welcome to Week 5 of our Hiring Intelligence Fast-Track Blog Series

Our User Community of HR Leaders, The Tea on Talent, shared the challenges they face in finding success in their roles. Do all or any resonate with you? 

  • The Unexpected Unpredictability:
    The minute you get one market situation figured out, everything shifts, and all the rules change.

  • The Need for Speed:
    With steep competition, hiring the best, faster than the competition, creates an internal environment of running to keep up. Hello, burnout.

  • Feeling Misunderstood:
    With many tasks and deliverables “behind the scenes” the challenges talent teams face are often invisible to others.

  • Constant Struggle for Balance:
    With chaos, a commonality, teams, and leaders are working as fast as possible on the day-to-day tasks leaving little time for strategic work.

  • Lack of Empowerment:
    On the hook for some things they don’t have direct control over, talent teams can feel powerless in improving the current situation.  

You’ve earned a seat at the table.

HR leaders need the resources and tools to deliver impactful results. 

Here are three tips from transformational HR leaders to help get you that deserved seat at the table:

  1. Shift from problem-focused to solutions-focused. Rather than reporting on lagging indicators, report on leading indicators, outline the downstream impact and offer proactive recommendations.

  2. Back your assumptions and claims with hiring data. Asking questions is a great place to start. Outline your 2-3 biggest assumptions. Run a targeted test and analysis to confirm your hypotheses. Use the data to formulate impactful strategies and gain buy-in.

  3. Cognitively tie your pre-hire decisions to post-hire outcomes. Start thinking long-term. Today's challenges will be eased tomorrow if Quality of Hire improves. Make data-driven decisions when it comes to whom to hire, and when. 

In our next blog post in this Talent Intelligence Fast-Track Series, we show you exactly how we can help take you from operational to strategic and transformational. 

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