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How Humane Are Your Hiring Practices?

What is applying to work at your company like from the point of view of the applicant or sourced candidate? How you hire is just as important as who you hire. A positive recruitment experience can mean all the difference in filling a role a few weeks or months down the road. Take this short quiz to see how humane your hiring practices are.

Are You Checking References or Candidates?

Traditional reference checking takes tons of time (on average 3 hours of direct time and 4-19 business days to complete) and often leaves you not knowing much more than you did before. When you use Crosschq 360, you can reduce the time needed to check up on candidates’ skills and experience by up to 95% and get candidates involved in their own evaluation.

Q1: What do you get out of candidate checks?


0 - It’s just a way to verify past employment and takes way too much time.

5 - I’m getting candidates to join in the process by evaluating themselves!

1 - I know there has to be something better than traditional reference checks…

Do You Recognize the Dangers of Unconscious Bias?

Unconscious bias can eliminate high-value candidates from your talent pool and you’ll never even be aware of it. Collaborative hiring can help improve your chances of keeping these candidates in the pool. Meanwhile, Crosschq 360 can help remove unconscious bias from candidate checking processes by focusing on attributes that actually relate to the role and responsibilities rather than what school a candidate went to or their ethnicity or gender. (42% of women in the job marketplace and workplace say they have been discriminated against because of their gender.)

Q2: How are you handling unconscious bias?


0 - What does that even mean? I’m not biased!

5 - I’ve invested in tools and practices to reduce the risk of unconscious bias.

1 - I’ve been reading up on bias and trying to be more data-driven in my approach.

Do You Leave Your Applicants Hanging?

A recruiter said one out of four candidates she contacts to let them know they didn’t get the job sends her a thank-you note for not leaving them wondering. These candidates can be a critical part of your talent pool in the future. Are you staying on top of nurturing your candidates? Crosschq TalentWall makes it easy to see who needs to be contacted and when to keep them in the loop and engaged. Even after an unsuccessful interview, 67% of job seekers say they would re-apply for a position at an organization if they have a positive candidate experience.

Q3: Are you nurturing your candidates at every step of hiring?

0 - What is there to say? If an offer is made, it will be made.

5 - I use technology and tools to help me stay in touch with every candidate, so I can build a solid network.

1 - I try to follow up but time is tight so usually I just reach out to finalists when I need something from them..


Can You Give Candidates What They Want and Need?

Flexible jobs are attracting 7x as many job seekers as other types. Allowing for flexible work schedules when at all possible and encouraging remote or hybrid options to be offered can increase your organization's pick of the talent pool. Many will even take a lower salary if they can have flexibility. workers who are ready and eager to start, whether you need in-office staff or can benefit from telecommuters. Crosschq Analytics can show you where you’re getting it right and where you need to work on your remote hire management.

Q4: How’s your flexibility when it comes to the workplace and scheduling?

0 - A 9-5 office job was good enough for the last generation, wasn’t it?

5 - We offer flexible scheduling and workplace options - as long as everything gets done on time, that’s what matters.

1 - I don’t see any reason not to hire some remote workers but not sure that should be a default.

Is Your Job Application Process Too Complicated?

Top candidates are off the market in as little as 10 days. Dragging out hiring with multiple rounds of testing and assessments or pages of data entry that involve data already available o the resume can discourage many valuable candidates who may decide their time is better spent applying elsewhere. Crosschq Recruit makes it easier to find highly qualified candidates and fast-track them through the hiring process.

Q5: Are candidates giving up before they finish applying?

0 - Are they? Too bad, their loss!

5 - We’re working on keeping jumping through hoops to a minimum to make jobs accessible to a diverse group of candidates.

1 - We have to have some way to filter people out, but maybe four assessment tests are three too many.

Quiz Results: How humane are your hiring practices?

0-5 Ouch - It seems like candidates have had it with non-communicative recruiters and hiring managers who expect hours of unpaid work just to apply for a job. This is an area for improvement. 

6-15 Not bad, you’re working hard to make applying for a job easy for all kinds of candidates so you can find diamonds in the rough.

16-25 Awesome - you’re not just hiring the cream of the crop, you’re keeping silver medalists in your back pocket for the next open position.


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