My Salty Saturday: A Trip Back in Time to Villa Epecuén

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Last weekend I wanted to go on a short getaway. I have a taste for doing touristy activities that are a bit unusual. I started listing out my options, but all of them were places I’d already visited, except for one I’d recently heard of – the ruins of Villa Epecuén. It’s a once flooded, now post-apocalyptic town that had remained under eight mountains of water for 20 years (1985 - 2005) and now looks like a zombie land. 


After a six-hour drive from the city of Buenos Aires, we reached Carhué, a small town in the southwest of the Province that lies on the coast of one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world: Epecuén lake. The lake has the main part in this place for two reasons: the salt and minerals, and the flood.


By salty, I mean literally salty.


For a couple of centuries, the water of this lake has been known to have healing properties, because of its high content of salt and a lot of minerals. It has almost as much salt as the Dead Sea and it also has a thermal center.

Here are other pictures of my journey walking about the ruins.

I’m so happy I took the trip and was able to experience a slice of history first-hand. It was something pictures can’t put into words the feeling you get from being there in person.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my trip and a little part of my world in Argentina.


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