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My Time Interning at Crosschq

I started my marketing internship at Crosschq in January 2022 as a part of a Digital Innovation program run by the Emerging Technology in Business and Design department at Miami University.


During this program, I lived in San Francisco for a semester while interning for Crosschq 4 days a week. On Fridays, we would visit large tech companies in the Bay Area for a chance to grow our professional networks. I also completed a capstone project with other students.


Luckily after my program ended, I was offered to extend my internship throughout the summer. I moved back to my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio at the start of May and have been working remotely ever since. 

This internship exceeded all of my expectations. When I was first offered a role at Crosschq I was told I would be working mostly with event marketing and researching awards for our company. After just a few weeks of interning, my role was switched to focus more on social media.


In this role, I ran all of our social media platforms and helped create strategies and campaigns to increase engagement and conversions. I hope to be a social media marketer in the future so this switch in roles was perfect for me. 


In April, we had a company offsite where I got to meet so many people in our company across various departments. 


August 4th, 2022 marked my last day interning at Crosschq. I’ve had a blast and learned so much along the way. I wouldn’t have the skills and knowledge I do now without the guidance of my mentor Debra Carney. She is the best mentor a curious student could ask for. She is so creative, outgoing, and always has a positive attitude.


Thank you Debra, Len, and Fitz for giving me the opportunity to intern at Crosschq!

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Lauren Hahn

by Lauren Hahn

Marketing Intern

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