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Recruiting Intelligence

Team leaders and recruiters have access to more hiring tools, software, and analytics than ever before–digital reference checks, customizable CRM+ATS platforms, hiring automation, talent sourcing, and much more.

Ironically, however, most organizations don’t have these tools well-integrated into their recruiting ecosystems. A Deloitte study of nearly 1,000 international companies found that 83 percent of respondents had low people analytics maturity. The study found that those organizations were under-equipped to identify critical recruiting problems and potential solutions, which is where recruiting intelligence comes in.

What Is Recruiting Intelligence

Recruiting intelligence, similar to Hiring Intelligence, is basically the use of data and analytics to inform your recruiting process from start to finish. There are, of course, a number of steps in the recruiting process, which means there are a number of recruiting intelligence applications within that process. 

Here are a few ways that recruiters leverage recruiting intelligence in their hiring process. 

  • Candidate data: Intelligent recruiting solutions provide you with key insights and data to identify candidate past performance, soft skills, education, potential red flags, and other compatibility metrics. 
  • Ongoing optimization: Recruiting intelligence builds on its own analytics and data, so recruiting teams can constantly learn and optimize their data networks over time. 
  • Better sourcing: Recruiting intelligence can identify the best channels for the best types of candidates, helping you find quality candidates more quickly. 
  • Start-to-finish applications: You can lean on recruiting intelligence for every step of the recruiting process, from writing your job description to onboarding. 
  • Improved metrics: You can expect pretty much every relevant metric to improve with recruiting intelligence. 

Benefits of Recruiting Intelligence

From rooting out unwanted bias to cutting costs and finding quality candidates quicker, there are several benefits to recruiting intelligence. With recruiting intelligence, you can:

  • Optimize your recruiting methods and practices by streamlining certain processes (like identifying and sourcing candidates. 
  • Optimized recruiting methods lead to reduced costs. Do more with your budget by identifying better quality hires with less time and energy.
  • Allow your recruiters and recruiting team to do what they do best. Data analytics and streamlined processes mean more time for your recruiters to collaborate, assess candidates, and interview candidates more effectively. 
  • Refine your process by leveraging your data to see what’s working in your recruiting ecosystem and what isn’t.
  • Quality of hire has been called the holy grail of hiring, and we couldn’t agree more. Expect to see an improvement in your Quality of Hire, among other metrics, when you integrate recruiting intelligence to your recruiting model (more on how below). 

Recruiting Intelligence Metrics

You can expect to see the following metrics improve with the help of recruiting intelligence. Optimized recruiting methods lead to quicker, more cost-effective, and better quality hires, which should translate to boosts in your: 

  • Source of hire
  • Sourcing channel effectiveness
  • Cost per hire by source
  • Quality of Hire
  • Acceptance rates
  • Time-to-acceptance
  • Month-over-month performance  
  • Percentage of referral hires

Recruiting Intelligence and What it Means for Your Quality of Hire

Quality of hire is the most coveted and, unfortunately, elusive of metrics to track… until now. Recruiting intelligence empowers your recruiting teams to collaborate with department managers so you can constantly learn about how new hires are integrating into their teams. You can input those new-hire insights into your recruiting intelligence platform so it knows what kind of candidates are excelling at what roles. 

Crosschq’s Q Report simplifies this process by providing you with five radical insights that will change the way you think about quality of hire. Unlike conventional recruiting wisdom, internal hires are not the most reliable way to ensure quality of hire. In fact, our data shows that the Quality of Hire for internal referrals was about 25 percent below the mean. 

The report also showed that interviewers lacked the skills to adequately predict quality of hire. If you want to take a closer look at our insights, which are based on 24+ million hiring decisions, just fill out the form here for a free Q Report.

How Crosschq Helps

At Crosschq, we pride ourselves in providing a data-driven recruiting platform powered by our proprietary Intelligence Cloud™. From sourcing and designing your applications to onboarding and updating your platform with insights about new-hire performance, we streamline and leverage data at every step of the hiring process. 

With Crosschq, you can benefit from:

  • A sleek, modern platform
  • Detailed 360 reports
  • Automated reference checks
  • Integrated self-reference
  • Onboarding and interview tools
  • Qualified talent pipelines
  • Comprehensive candidate profiles
  • CRM & ATS integrations
  • On-demand reporting and analytics
  • ML & AI feedback loop
  • Retention predictors
  • Savings and efficiency measures 
  • And more!

Schedule a demo with us here to take the guesswork out of hiring and empower your recruiters today.

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