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The Cats of Crosschq

It's no surprise that Crosschq is a pet-friendly company. If you check out our Instagram page, you’ll see a few of our team’s beloved four-legged friends… that go woof!

We’ve added some new members to the team and it’s been just as fun seeing more felines pop up in our Slacks.

Here are just a few of the Crosschq kitties that will make your heart purrrrrr. 


Cats of Crosschq

Cats of Crosschq














Micaela Ledesma’s dynamic duo, Elliot and Olivia.


Cats of Crosschq

Dane's sweet kitties Cookie Dough and Caramel.

Cats of Crosschq


Katherine's cat Dusty strikes a pose. 


Cats of Crosschq


Tobías' sleepy rescue kittens.


We'd love to see your favorite furry animals! Tag @Crosschq in your pet pictures and follow us on social media. 



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