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Mastering Talent Acquisition: The Science of Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

The Flash Q (Quality of Hire) Report uncovers:

  • The dramatic rise in candidate fraud during the application process
  • The sectors most vulnerable to candidate fraud
  • The severe impact of fraud on Quality of Hire
  • Effective tactics to detect and prevent candidate fraud

Why Skills & Competency Frameworks
are Critical for Better Hiring and Mobility

Prioritizing a Skills & Competency based approach for hiring and internal mobility may sound complicated but is a win for everyone - leadership, managers, individual contributors, and ultimately the whole organization. 

But where do you start, and how do you keep up in a fast-paced landscape? 

The Ultimate Reference Check Template includes:

  • Questions to ask internally to drive alignment prior to checking references
  • Tactical tips to run an optimized reference check call
  • Reusable templates to take standardized notes while speaking with references

Revolutionizing Reference Checks: How Candidate Self-Assessments are Transforming Hiring

The new wave of reference checking not only includes peer assessments, but a candidate's assessment of themselves.  This small change results in a big impact: 

  • Predictive data insights
  • Higher candidate experience ratings
  • Better interviews. Period.
  • Hiring Manager insights for onboarding
  • More targeted, more successful upskilling

Definitive Guide to Quality of Hire

In this guide drawing from 24+ million hiring decisions, you’ll discover:

  • Everything you need to know to calculate and benchmark QoH
  • Roles and responsibilities to operationalize QoH
  • How to predict where your next best hires will come from
  • The biggest thing most companies get wrong
  • The golden rules for maximizing hiring manager satisfaction
  • How to guarantee every new hire is a dream fit for your company

Top Recruiting Metrics and Benchmarks of 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, learn the top metrics used by leading talent pros, including:

  • Clear and concise definitions for each metric
  • Formulas to calculate each metric for your team
  • Benchmarks to see how you compare to other
  • Actionable tips you can use to improve each metric