Has your hiring process been impacted?

We are offering healthcare organizations, businesses hiring hourly or gig workers and companies transitioning to remote hiring free, unlimited access to Crosschq’s digital reference checking, self-assessment and talent sourcing platform until July 1st.

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Get to Know Your Candidates
Without In-Person Interviews


Get to Know Your Candidates Without In-Person Interviews

Crosschq’s support team put together 5 pro-tips to ensure you’re getting the data you need to make better remote hiring decisions.

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Enable Video Interviews

Dialpad is offering DialpadTalk business phone and text services as well as UberConference Bussines FREE for 60 days in partnership with Crosschq.

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Conduct Better Video Interviews

Read Glassdoor’s white paper on how to conduct better virtual interviews. It’s filled with tips and best practices to set your remote hiring team up for success.

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Deploy Remote Work Strategy

Read Upwork’s white paper on best practices in transitioning your organization to remote work. The market leader in enable remote workforce’s helps soften an abrupt transition.

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