Crosschq Sub-Processors

Last Updated: December 11, 2023


  Entity Name Purpose Country DPA/Terms of Service URL
  Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) is a subsidiary of Amazon, providing an on-demand cloud computing platform. Crosschq leverages AWS to host and manage the majority of our production services and data. United States
  Catalyst Software, Inc. Catalyst provides software used by Crosschq's customer success team to securely monitor customer usage, KPIs, and other information that makes supporting our customers easier and more efficient. United States

Cloudflare, Inc.

Crosschq uses Cloudflare’s WAF and DDoS services to help protect some of the applications we provide. 

United States
  Fingerprint, Inc. FingerprtJS is a service that collects device information on a job candidate’s and reference’s browser to provide a unique device identifier number. Crosschq uses the information obtained from FingerprintJS to detect if the same device has been used to complete multiple surveys, an indicator that the candidate may be “faking” their references. United States
  Google, Inc. Crosschq’s team uses Google’s Workspace services for email, document storage, and other business services. United States dpa_terms.html

  Heap, Inc. Heap is a system used by our product team to better understand how users are using and interacting with our applications. We use this data to improve our product. United States 6AWQISW2unz8gv0mqnhGXj/2f230d661cb669f14c71 e747c049d566/ 
  HubSpot, Inc. Hubspot is a marketing automation software platform. Crosschq uses Hubspot to send emails to users about new features, product notifications and company updates. United States


  Intercom, Inc. Intercom is a service that lets us easily communicate with our users. Crosschq uses it to provide in-app messaging and product update emails. United States 
  Mailgun Technologies, Inc. Mailgun Technologies, Inc. (“Mailgun”) is an email campaign service provider used within Crosschq to send notification emails to job candidates, team members, and references. The primary information Mailgun has access to is the email addresses of recipients of the emails and the content of the emails themselves.  United States
  Merge, Inc. Crosschq's development team uses Merge's APIs to integrate with selected ATS and HRIS systems. United States

  MongoDB, Inc. MongoDB is the developer of mongoDB, an open-source database created to store documents. MongoDB provides a hosted service called Atlas, which helps Crosschq more easily and securely manage our mongoDB database instances directly within our AWS environment. United States
  Namsor SAS Crosschq uses Namsor to enrich a customer's candidate data. Namsor processing/enrichment is optional for each customer. United States NamSor_Data_Processing_Agreement_v007.pdf 

  New Relic, Inc. New Relic is a tool used by Crosschq’s DevOps team to monitor and debug our services as they run within AWS. United States



Crosschq uses OpenAI's ChatGPT services to help customers more easily query data stored in our databases.


United States 

  Rollbar, Inc. Rollbar is a tool used by Crosschq’s DevOps team to monitor and debug portions of our services as they run within AWS. United States 
  Slack (a Salesforce subsidiary) Slack is a communications tool that is integrated into the Crosschq platform and can be used by customers to send notifications and other messages from Crosschq. United States
  Solarwinds Worldwide, LLC Crosschq uses Solarwinds’ Papertrail application to aggregate and manage logs within our AWS environment. United States 
  Twilio, Inc. Twilio’s platform provides the APIs that Crosschq uses to send emails and SMS messages to users. In addition, we use Twilio’s product to assist in communicating with users within our applications. United States
  Zendesk, Inc. Zendesk is a provider of customer support software. We use Zendesk to log and prioritize customer issues, questions, and other support requests. United States