Current Pipeline
Diversity Reporting 

Get diversity data on 100% of your
candidate pipeline, with a 90% accuracy rate.

Historical Pipeline
Diversity Reporting

Look back at your historical pipeline's
diversity data and identify trends over time, today.

Track Progress on
Diversity Goals

Set pipeline diversity KPIs
and track them in real-time.

Visualize the Impact of
DEI Efforts on Pipeline

Understand the impact of your own
unique DEI initiatives on your pipeline.

Identify Hidden Bias
in the Hiring Process 

Compare conversion rates of underrepresented groups to the general population to identify bias.

Predict and Influence
Positive Business Outcomes

Predict how hiring a certain diversity group
will impact specific business outcomes.


Segment Your Funnel by Diversity Data

Compare and contrast conversion rates for gender and ethnicity by any segment you want - Department, Recruiter, Hiring Manager, Office, Custom Field, etc.


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Get Started Quickly with
Out-of-the-Box Widgets

We will start with 4 basic widgets:

  • Gender and Ethnicity breakdown of your Active Pipeline
  • Gender and Ethnicity breakdown of your Historical Pipelines


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