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Healthcare, first responders, front line workers: Crosschq is providing their platform for free to help you hire, fast

Company donating Crosschq reference checks to qualified organizations to help screen, onboard and source new employees, with no obligations

 Crosschq, the leading provider of digital reference checking powered by Human Intelligence Hiring™, today announced they are donating their enterprise platform for companies needing to hire healthcare workers, first responders, people on the frontlines (i.e., grocery, delivery, waste management) and small businesses that are struggling with hiring remote staff. The platform includes unlimited digital reference checking, self-assessments and talent sourcing. The offer is for organizations that need assistance in hiring and getting workers into the field, quickly, during the COVID-19 crisis.

“While many of us are asked to stay at home and shelter in place, there are millions of Americans – from doctors, nurses and other healthcare personnel; to cashiers and delivery people at grocery stores and restaurants; to people helping to keep our cities and towns clean – who are risking their own well-being to help us during this unprecedented time. We know there is a real need to hire, quickly, to meet the ever-changing demands, and we want to help companies on the front-lines weather these demands a little more easily,” said Mike Fitzsimmons, co-founder and CEO of Crosschq.

Beginning April 1, 2020, Crosschq is offering support for a minimum of 90 days (through July 1, 2020), but will continue to support qualified organizations as long as needed with no obligations. Support for organizations, includes:

  • Healthcare – as we desperately need to source, screen and onboard new doctors, nurses and any other field technicians. Crosschq can add much-needed speed to your hiring process and get valuable, vetted workers in the field quicker. Reference checking is a requirement in many healthcare organizations and can be expedited with Crosschq

  • Hourly Laborers – there are verified and significant needs to quickly staff warehouse workers, customer service, food service, grocery and delivery roles. As of late, these hires are made without any interview at all as hiring decisions need to be made quickly. Traditionally, these roles have required traditional background checks which are taking longer than usual in this climate. Crosschq has a solution that is tailored to get these types of candidates approved for hire in warp speed.

  • Remote Hiring – although many companies are slowing hiring, many still need to fill vital roles and are forced to make hires without ever meeting a candidate in person. Crosschq can be invaluable in ensuring that you have a full 360 view of a candidate before you make the “remote” hire. Regardless of the circumstances, companies still deserve the best person in the best role for every open hire.

Crosschq is easy to use and implement and can be up and running in minutes, allowing organizations to quickly provide self-assessments and reference surveys and receive results in as little as 24 hours. The company will be providing healthcare organizations and first responders with priority in-person or live onboarding of the platform. Crosschq will be offering other organizations an in-depth tutorial on how to use the platform and will be running a weekly webinar to support all organizations and ensure optimization for hiring.

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About Crosschq
Crosschq™ is a technology platform that uses human intelligence to help companies hire and retain the best talent. Through proprietary software and science, Crosschq gathers people-driven insights from job seekers and those who know them best and converts those insights into predictive data. Crosschq data can be used to ensure people and businesses are well-matched, creating long-term, successful employees and winning workplace cultures. The company’s cloud-based SaaS solutions were built with a talent-first approach that prioritizes trust and transparency, minimizes bias and protects privacy. Founded in 2017, Crosschq is backed by GGV Capital, Bessemer Ventures, and other well-known Silicon Valley Investors. To learn more, visit

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