The Crosschq Content Library

Great meeting with you at RecFest 2023!  

We put together some resources to help you be in the know about new important information in the industry, and how Crosschq adds value to your hiring process. 

Crosschq Data Labs Research Changes the Way You Look at Hiring

Data from over 24 million hiring decisions uncovers some shocking truth about hiring processes, from pre-hire assessments to certain candidate sources, all the way to the rise of candidate fraud.  Here's everything you need to know about building higher-performing teams and future-proofing your workforce.

Hit Your Hiring Goals with Active Pipeline Management

Get visibility into your most crucial hiring metrics and optimize your talent resources with intuitive reports and visualizations.  Confidently report on the "state of recruiting" to your leadership team, and never let anything slip through the cracks again.

Enriched Diversity Data in Your Candidate Pipeline

The average complete rate for EEOC applications is about 50% - which is not statistically significant. With TalentWall, you get diversity data on 100% of your candidate pipeline - helping you identify bias, discover trends, and understand the impact of your DEI initiatives.

Not Your Traditional Reference Check

Decrease time it takes to do a reference check by 95%, remove bias from the reference check process, validate skills & competencies of top performers, identify and reduce fraud in the hiring process, and create new pools of active, high-quality candidates.

Outcome-Driven Skills & Competency Frameworks

Establish custom skills and competency models of your top performers to build your benchmarks by correlating current employees with performance data. Accurately rate candidates on key skills and competencies relevant to a specific job at your organization. Continuously learn using the power of AI to evaluate gaps and achieve organizational goals. 

Your Lowest Cost, Highest Quality Channel For New Hires

Use candidate references to effortlessly build talent pools of active, high-quality candidates.  How active are they? 80% of candidate references who opt-in to the talent pool are actively seeking a new role in 90 days, of these, 70% accept a new role in 30 days. 85% of Crosschq customers make a hire from Recruit within their first 30 days.