The Crosschq Quality of Hire Library

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Q Report - First Edition

The First Edition of the Q Report shows 5 radical insights HR and Talent leaders need to hire, retain, and develop top talent

The Crosschq Data Labs team has set out to use Quality of Hire data to connect pre-hire decisions with post-hire performance by analyzing the 24+ million hiring decisions we’ve helped leaders make.

Q Report - 2nd Edition

In this report you'll discover:

-5 all-new, proprietary insights to help you hire, retain and develop top talent
-Your riskiest source for hiring – you’ll be surprised
-How we’re collectively doing on diversity hiring

-What candidate traits predict stronger Quality of Hire

-Why you’re laying off the wrong people and what to do about it

Flash Q Report

Flash Q Report uncovers:

-The dramatic rise in candidate fraud during the application process
-The sectors most vulnerable to candidate fraud
-The severe impact of fraud on Quality of Hire
-Effective tactics to detect and prevent candidate fraud

How to Calculate Quality of Hire in 4 Easy Steps

Crosschq Quality of Hire Fast Track Series #2 reviews the formula, inputs and steps for accurately calculating Quality of Hire. 

Taking Action to Reap the Benefits of Quality of Hire

Crosschq Quality of Hire Fast Track Series #3 reviews the benefits of tracking, benchmarking and improving Quality of Hire. 

Ignoring Quality of Hire: What Could Go Wrong?

Crosschq Quality of Hire Fast Track Series #4 covers why you should not ignore Quality of Hire.