The Chq-In: Julie Coucoules

The Chq-In: Julie Coucoules
Julie Coucoules
Head of Talent Acquisition, Blend
Julie Coucoules
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At Crosschq, we are proud to work with some of the most innovative companies in the world. In our partner spotlight Q&A, we aim to provide you with additional insights from some of the brightest minds in the industry.

1. As Head of Talent at Blend, what three qualities do you most look for in a candidate?

We’re actually working right now to determine company wide competencies, so it’s funny you ask. While we haven’t officially chosen, I would say nimble, innovative and customer focused are the qualities I would look for in great candidates for Blend.

2. You yourself were a jobseeker during this pandemic. What tips can you offer others looking for work, from both your professional and personal experience?

I actually wrote a couple of articles on LinkedIn to share my story. First, I would say get really crisp on what you’re looking for in a role. Not only will that shape your search, you’ll also likely be asked what you’re looking for in every interview. Then, use your network! And finally, find some distractions, especially if they focus on exercise or mental health to allow you to disconnect from the stress of the job search.

3. Any tools you’d recommend?

I’d use all the job boards – set alerts for yourself. And then when you find something, ping your network to get in. Sadly, recruiters are so overwhelmed by applicants that they don’t always make their way through (although they always try!).

4. What advice would you give to those discouraged by their job search?

I started thinking about side hustles when I was job searching over the summer, and especially side hustles that could become a main hustle someday. For me, this was doing contingent recruiting searches. Through these discussions with my network I picked up a project which helped alleviate any financial stress while I completed my search. My husband teased me that I couldn’t call it a side hustle because at the time I didn’t have a main hustle!

5. For those at a crossroads in their career, any inspirational books you’d suggest on helping them find a new path?

I spent the summer reading books on diversity, which inspired me to push further in my role on diversity efforts. Part of why I chose Blend is because we have such amazing programs internally, and also are working on impactful programs externally to make home buying more open and inclusive. We all read a book called The Color of Money by Mehrsa Baradaran.

6. Favorite non-work activity?

For the moment it’s moving into our new house and starting a million home projects!

7. Peet’s or Starbucks?

I worked at Peet’s – my only non-tech experience – so it’s MajorD every day in a French Press.

8. Niners or Raiders?

Joe Montana was a little too popular when I was growing up in the Bay Area so I was a big Raider fan. I’m still bitter about the Tuck Rule to this day. My husband has switched to watching soccer and rugby over the last couple of years, which I do prefer.

9. Dogs or cats?

I’ve always been a cat person and we have a great one. But we just got an Australian Shepherd puppy, so I’m becoming a convert!

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