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3 Top Secrets to Help Your Employees from Feeling Stuck

Employees who feel stuck in their career look for greener pastures. Keeping employees engaged in their careers and supporting employee mobility can significantly reduce attrition. When you facilitate learning and development for your staff, you encourage their loyalty.


The secret to employee mobility is three-fold: 1) providing L&D opportunities, 2) promoting from within, and 3) using analytics to identify top talent. These actions keep your employees from looking for outside options.


Employee Mobility Secret #1: Are You Offering Skills Training? 

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Workers want to reskill. According to the PwC Global Survey


  • 39% of workers think their job may be obsolete within the next five years
  • 77% of workers are ready to learn new skills or completely retrain


Making L&D and skills/leadership training a priority not only helps attract top talent but keeps employees engaged and eager to grow within your organization. Without training, employees can feel like their career has stagnated, and attrition rates go up.

Employee Mobility Secret #2: Are You Promoting From Within?



Always hiring externally instead of promoting internally can be a huge mistake, that causes a multitude of problems for your company:


  • Employees who feel passed over may quit because they feel it’s pointless to stay
  • Resentment may build and employee productivity can drop off
  • New hires typically expect a higher starting salary in a tight market
  • External hires will need more time to reach full productivity.


According to research from Wharton, external hires cost more and perform worse than workers promoted into positions from within. In addition, employees at companies that promote from within stay 41% longer than those that hire externally.

Employee Mobility Secret #3: Are You Using Talent Analytics?

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Analyzing your workforce can give you insights that help you:


  • Identify key candidate quality indicators to guide internal promotion
  • Understand what workers need from L&D to be and feel successful
  • Get a heads up if an employee feels stuck in their current position
  • Develop candidate profiles that aid in both external and internal hiring


Analytics Hero (v1)

Crosschq Analytics is the ideal tool for monitoring employee statistics, satisfaction, and performance. You can stop employees from getting stuck, help unstick them if they do get stuck, and power their career trajectory with insights gained from employee data.


To learn more about how Crosschq Analytics, contact us for a demonstration today.

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