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Dealing with Fake References During The Hiring Process

While we like to assume the best of candidates and new hires, the reality is that some applicants will fake their references just as much as they will exaggerate or embellish other details on their resume. 

In fact, when the BBC teamed up with the Federation for Small Businesses, their survey found that 17% of the 1,000+ companies surveyed reported that some of their employees had faked at least one of their references. And while you might assume that the fake references were primarily found in entry-level applicants, the study found that 40% of the fake references came from mid-management level applicants. 

Though it’s impossible to prevent applicants from faking their references, it’s essential for HR teams to spot these individuals and prevent dishonest or unqualified candidates from entering their company. 

Below is everything you need to know about how to identify and deal with fake references. 

The Importance of Spotting Fake References

Without the right tools, strategy, or technology, it’s difficult to prevent individuals who are trying to manipulate the hiring process. These individuals will mark fake employment experiences on their resumes and rely on friends or family as business references. 

For employers, this could lead to a workplace disaster as many of these applicants will be unprepared for their roles and will end up costing you money and time in the long run by either not being effective in their position or having high churn rates. 

If employers want to find honest, high quality candidates who can contribute to the longevity and efficacy of their organization’s future, they’re going to need a quality solution that can help spot fake references.

How do you figure out fake job references?

Thankfully for HR teams and recruiting agencies, there are state-of-the-art reference check solutions out there, like Crosschq, that can help make fake references a thing of the past. 

Implementing a streamlined reference check process that is accurate, cost-effective, scalable, and efficient can ensure that no resume or falsified information falls through the cracks. 

Robust, cloud-based reference check solutions empower hiring companies by providing them with: 

  • Data-driven analytics 
  • Detailed 360 reporting
  • Job-based surveys
  • Integrated self-reference features
  • Coaching and growth opportunities
  • A sleek, easy-to-use platform

Additionally, reference check solutions ensure that hiring teams can learn and gain information regarding new hires within the legal bounds of the law. 

What to Do After Finding Fake References

For most employers, the impulse after finding a fake reference for a candidate will be to immediately terminate their resume and remove them from their hiring pool. While this is a safe option, employers can use this information to leverage individuals who appear to be quality hires.

It’s important, however, to verify your findings with a candidate if they appear to be a quality hire. They may have a valid explanation for why their references don’t add up, and providing them with an opportunity to respond to your findings might be worth it if they otherwise seem like a great fit. 

How Crosschq Can Make Fake References a Thing of The Past

Crosschq’s proprietary cloud-based technology gives you all the tools you need to identify fake references and make data-driven and informed hiring decisions. 

Crosschq’s analytics capabilities can not only help you identify fake references, but it can also predict retention rates, reduce the impact of poor hiring decisions, and measure savings and efficiency across the board. 

Make fake references a thing of the past by empowering your team with Crosschq today

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