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Creating a Hiring Plan for Modern Times

2022 presents a lot of unique challenges to hiring teams. With ongoing inflation, the approach of a recession, and mass layoffs already taking place, recruiters need a hiring strategy plan to stay on top of the imminent hiring challenges. 

What is a hiring plan?

A hiring plan is a well-thought and comprehensive hiring strategy that is meant to align your recruitment goals with your business goals. Hiring plans should take into account things like expected vacancies, annual budget, desired qualifications, and hiring tools needed to reach your goals. 

How do I write an employee hiring plan?

Hiring strategy plans should be shareable, well structured, and thorough in content. Things you should include in an employee hiring plan include:

  • Quarterly and annual hiring goals
  • Expected positions to be filled
  • The ideal qualifications of a candidate
  • Sourcing and talent pool strategy
  • Hiring tools your team will use
  • Overview of interview methodology
  • Assessment test overview
  • Employee hiring plan budget

Why do you need a hiring plan?

A recent PwC survey found that 50 percent of employers expect job cuts and layoffs in 2022. Whether you yourself need to let go of employees or need to fill positions, mass layoffs will lead to volatility in the hiring market. 

You will find a lot of qualified candidates competing for the same position in your company, and you’re going to need a trusted method for identifying the best candidates in a saturated talent pool. 

On top of having more resources to find top talent, hiring plans enable you to be more prepared to retain new hires. When you can predict your hiring needs, you’ll be in a better position to onboard new hires, supervise them, and create a better employee experience when they enter your company. 

Why Diversity Needs to Be a Focus Point of Your Hiring Plan

There are a lot of reasons why diversity should be a focal point in your hiring plan. For one, focusing on diversity will open you up to more talent pools and quality candidates. Diverse, winning teams are also better for your business.

A McKinsey study found that diverse and inclusive teams were 35 percent more likely to outperform their competitors. Diverse teams are nearly 90 percent better at making marketing decisions, and they lead to almost 20 percent higher revenue than their counterparts. 

Diversity hiring plans are a winning strategy in 2022, and they should be a major part of any modern hiring plan today. 

Other Considerations for Modern Hiring Plans

Modern hiring teams have the benefit of advanced hiring approaches like 360 reference checking, automated talent pools, smarter assessment tests, and hiring insights on new candidates. 

With an advanced hiring solution, like Crosschq, you’ll be able to plan, source, assess, and measure the best talent. With Crosschq, you’ll gain access to:

  • Qualified talent pipeline ATS and CRM integrations.
  • Real-time candidate pipeline insights.
  • Pre-hire assessment and 360 reference checking. 
  • Advanced analytics that gives you an overview of your candidates. 
  • An exclusive talent opt-in network.
  • Improve your quality of hire by giving you access to over 80 quality-of-hire reports for accurate new-hire analytics. 
  • And more. 

Recruiters in the modern era need the right tools to sift through the competition, assess candidates, and beat out the competition; Crosschq can help you bridge your technological needs and build winning teams. 

Hiring Plan Example

A modern hiring plan example looks a lot like a traditional one, but it does have a few added features and tools that you can integrate into the process. A modern hiring plan will look something like this: 

  • Define your recruitment goals for this hiring period.
  • Identify vacancies that need to be filled, including the salary for each position. 
    • Potentially have two or three options for this. With the uncertainty of the recession, you may have a higher churn rate or layoff rate than you anticipated.
  • Identify target candidates (qualities and qualifications).
  • Narrow down sourcing methods.
    • Crosschq analytics can help demonstrate which hiring channels are most effective for your industry. 
  • Gather candidate reports on potential candidates through a 360 reference check service. 
  • Reduce unconscious bias with IO Psychologist vetted surveys. 
  • You can use Crosschq analytics to identify which interview panels are the most accurate at predicting top talent. 
  • Create a recruiting budget. 

Final Thoughts on Modern Hiring Plans

Crosschq can help you with the recruiting process from start to finish. 

Not only will you have access to better talent pools and higher quality of hires, but you’ll also know how well candidates fit with your company culture, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and what their references think of them within 48 hours. 

Never guess again with another employee and empower your hiring teams to make the right hiring decisions with Crosschq today.

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