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Meeting My Coworker for the First Time

It’s not always you go 8 months without meeting your coworker! The move to remote work was something I had experienced while finishing up my senior year in college. It was an adjustment for sure and there were certain things that needed more clarification at times but I think joining a company towards the end of a pandemic was my biggest learning challenge to date. 


When I first started at Crosschq, I believe I was employee 40 or so. I was onboarded at the beginning of December which in sales, is usually a high-stress period and leadership is focused on closing deals. My sales leader was out on personal leave, and coming from a background different than sales, I had turned to our Marketing team for guidance along with my peers, specifically Jenna Rodgers


Jenna is an absolute light and breath of fresh air at the org. She is a powerhouse -earned a nomination for Utah Women Sales member this past year, is consistently a top performer, top Amazon author, and is the best mentor out there. Plus! She does it all while wrangling her 3 sweet boys all under 5. 

Jacqueline Sohl and Jenna Rogers

Every year, my best friends from my high school golf team and I meet in Vegas and do a girl's trip. When I shared with Jenna I would be heading her way (She’s based out of the Southwest Utah area), she insisted we finally meet! Her lovely husband and 3 angel boys met us at Din Tai Fung in Las Vegas and we got to finally share laughs and a big squeeze. Plus the food was incredible! 

Jacqueline Sohl and Jenna Rogers

There were many days I would be stuck in my messaging, learning the solution, and felt lonely, but Jenna would always be a Slack- call away to chat with me, assisting in getting me to a fully ramped up -ADR. There were periods of time she would screen-share her whole day, making me feel comfortable with our tech stack, so I understood how to prospect. She is the kindest, most compassionate teacher and I feel so blessed I’ve had a peer become a friend. She’s an exceptional employee and is a large part of why I come to work every day. 

Jacqueline Sohl

by Jacqueline Sohl

Talent Solutions Specialist

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