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Reference Check Data and Analytics: Guide

If you’re looking for a faster, smarter, and more generative way to conduct reference checks, you need to leverage reference check data and analytics. Advanced reference check software, like Crosschq’s 360 digital reference checks, comes with several features that will transform your reference-checking process and improve your quality of hire

Read on to learn more about how you can optimize your hiring approach with reference check data and analytics. 

What Is Reference Check Data?

Advanced reference checks integrate into your ATS and hiring solution, seamlessly fitting into your workflow and database. When you conduct reference check scores on candidate skills, experiences, culture fit, and other important employee qualifications, reference check solutions will store that data. 

Over time, with the right analytics technology, you can turn raw reference check data into actionable insights that improve your quality of hire, create new talent pools, improve your analytics capabilities, and more. 

Reference check data vs analytics

You need an analytics solution, like Crosschq, to make sense of the millions of data points you have access to. Analytics solutions will process historical reference check data to identify red flags and track hiring patterns for candidates more likely to make quality hires. 

Trends based on reference check answers can help you identify common strengths and weaknesses, and new-hire performance tracking will allow you to feed new data back into your analytics solution over time, making it smarter and more accurate overtime. 

Why You Need to Have Reference Check Analytics

There are several reasons to make use of reference check analytics, but the most important is that you will find and hire better candidates. Recruiting analytics provide an objective, quantitative method for identifying better quality hires and homing in on hiring red flags. They can help you store, track, and make meaningful connections with your data, leading to generative insights that lead to better hiring decisions.

What reference check data can show you about your hires

Here are a few of the most important things you can learn about your candidates with a reference check analytics solution: 

  • A new hire’s impact on diversity
  • Scores on several quality-of-hire metrics, including
    • Pre-hire skills and competencies
    • Culture match
    • QoH source scores
    • Retention
    • Engagement
    • Performance
    • Potential 
  • Candidate skills
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • New-hire performance over time

How to Acquire Reference Check Data

Cutting-edge solutions, like Crosschq, make collecting, storing, and tracking data a seamless experience for hiring teams. Not only will Crosschq generate automated pre-hire data reports on quality of hire and other metrics, but it will also track new-hire performance well after you’ve taken on a candidate. You can feed new-hire performance back into Crosschq’s analytics system, allowing it to learn, grow, and make better recommendations for the future. 

Crosschq’s analytics technology will help you collect, manage, and make sense of data through:

  • 100+ automated pre-hire reports
  • Robust automated report sharing, so you can seamlessly disseminate insights to other team members
  • A unified system that can store all of your hiring data in one place
  • 200+ customizable charts that you can share with team members and departments
  • Features that will transform ATS data into charts, dashboards, and visualizations
  • The ability to continuously monitor and improve your hiring decision by combining your candidate pipeline data with Crosschq’s proprietary diversity technology

Reference Check Analytics Platforms and Technology

Crosschq’s TalentWall and ATS analytics sync to your existing hiring workflows, making managing hiring data and gaining insights more effortless. Crosschq will move data from any source into Crosschq’s intelligence Cloud via pre-built connectors and APIs. Crosschq will automatically clean, transform, and store data in Crosschq’s Cloud. 

TalentWall provides you with clear, simple, and shareable visibility into employee performance from every department. You can optimize hiring efficiency by identifying significant skills gaps, obtaining visibility into the health and hygiene of your hiring efforts, and reviewing real-time insights into the efficacy of your overall hiring efforts. 

Getting Started With Reference Check Analytics

Crosschq’s powerful analytics technology has everything you need to track, store, and make sense of hiring data. Benefit from analytics and insights that can improve your quality of hire, help you learn as you grow, gain a bird’s-eye view of your hiring ecosystem, and more!

Sign up for a Crosschq demo to learn more about how to transform your reference check data and analytics strategy today.

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