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According to the Department of Labor, the cost of a bad hire costs businesses 30 percent of that employee’s annual salary. Other employers claim that bad hires have cost them nearly $250,000 a year.

On top of wasted recruiting costs, onboarding costs, and employment costs, bad hires can have a negative impact on your team’s morale, productivity, workplace culture, productivity, and more. If you want to avoid the negative impact of a bad hire and ensure you’re attracting the highest quality candidates, you should employ a holistic and multi-pronged hiring approach, which includes reference check solutions. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about reference check software and how a cutting-edge reference check solution can lead to quality hires. 

What is reference check software?

Advanced reference check software leverages the power of automation and analytics to make reference checking smarter, faster, and more effective than ever. 

Traditional reference checks rely on manual methods of reaching former employers/peers to verify resume information, workplace history, and an employee’s skill set. Today, you can automate the process with 360 digital reference checks, allowing you to:

  • Improve efficiency throughout the hiring process and decrease your time to hire
  • Save hiring costs by providing a faster and more effective approach to hiring
  • Automatically store reference information in a data talent pool, so you can create new hiring leads for the future
  • Benefit from automated reports and insights culture fit and compatibility
  • Generate insights so your software can learn and identify patterns that indicate what types of candidates lead to quality hires

How does reference check software work?

Digital reference checks work by sending out automated reference checks to past employers and peers so your employees can work on important human-related tasks. Crosschq’s solution, for example, is 95 percent faster than a traditional reference check. 

You can also have candidates score their own work performance and skill set, which allows you to compare candidate self-assessments with employer reference check scores. Crosschq’s reference check software seamlessly integrates into your ATS and fits right into your workflow, making it easy to sync your reference check with your existing system. 

Why Is Reference Checking Important in Hiring?

 Bad hires can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and millions of dollars over time if you aren’t doing anything to improve your hiring practices. Paying for access to cutting-edge reference check software that can deliver quality hires will far outweigh the potential costs of a bad hire.

While reference checks aren’t all-in-one solutions to your hiring woes, they’re a valuable piece of the hiring process that can contribute to your overall quality of hire. With advancements in analytics and automation, reference checks can be conducted far more easily than in the past and with far more ancillary benefits, like new talent pools and new-hire performance insights. 

Are There Free Reference Check Software Options?

While there are many free reference check software options available online, they do come with limitations that you should be aware of. If you do decide to go with a free option, it may include the following drawbacks: 

  • It may not leverage hiring analytics that allow it to generate quality of hire insights and learn to identify markers for quality hires in the future.
  • It may be limited in scaling, which is important for medium and large-sized businesses.
  • It could lead to a poor candidate or referee experience, which can diminish your brand equity and the rate at which referees actually complete their reference checks.
  • Free reference check software options may not have fraud detection features, which means candidates may be able to fake their reference checks more easily.

Can Reference Check Software Integrate With HR Systems?

Reference check software can seamlessly integrate with your ATS and HR systems. Crosschq partners with many leaders in the recruiting space such as Workday, Greenhouse, Slack, and many more to create a more efficient hiring process on both the company’s side and the referee’s side.

Getting Started With Reference Check Software

When it comes to 360 digital reference checks, Crosschq is the fastest, most effective, and most candidate-friendly solution on the market. Crosschq’s proprietary technology ensures that skills, competency, and culture are a fit for your needs and workplace. 

Request a demo today to benefit from Crosschq’s data-driven insights and automated reference checks. 

Ensure skills, competency and culture match with every new hire by getting comprehensive 360 candidate insights.

Our software guarantees a smoother and more efficient experience on all ends of the process. Sign up for a demo today to ensure a cheaper, more reliable experience when hiring candidates that is attested for via our state of the art reference check software 

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