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What is the Measure of QSR?

Hiring and retaining quality employees is one of the most pertinent and widespread business issues today. Given the current labor shortage and plethora of open positions waiting to be filled, companies face major obstacles in hiring quality employees.

In this article, we take a look at how QSRs offer all businesses a model for how to improve your hiring efficiency and meet your business goals. 

What is the Measure of QSR?

First, let’s define what a quick-service restaurant (QSR) is. A QSR is a business that offers food items that require minimal preparation and can be delivered quickly. In this sector, one of the big challenges QSRs face is obtaining dedicated employees from a depleted applicant pool. These positions can be difficult to fill since businesses fail to streamline their hiring and recruitment processes, which will reduce costs, company wide. 

QSR businesses can be great examples for how your business can source and evaluate applicants quickly without sacrificing thorough examination of a candidate's references and qualifications. In the following sections, we’ll look at how corporate businesses can learn from QSR hiring practices. 

Case Study of QSR Hiring/Recruitment Process

To understand how the solutions can be applicable to your business, let’s look at some of the most common hiring issues that QSRs face. 

Not meeting a candidate's expectations is one of the more common issues QSR hiring teams face. Sub-par and ill-fit hires often result in loss of time, money, and resources for recruiters, which could be avoided with automated references services.

Another major hiring problem is the short supply of labor in contrast to the high demand of positions to be filled. Labor shortages make it difficult for any business to find top-quality employees, and without a streamlined, efficient hiring process, your business might be losing out to competitive offers.

Decentralized recruiting may seem unique to QSRs that manage multiple locations, often with varying sets of recruiting practices. However, by looking at your business’s hiring processes across departments, you might find ways of unifying your company’s brand and therefore having a more cohesive company culture with happier, healthier, employees.

How to Improve on the Current Hiring Process Efficiency

In today’s global market, businesses can reach high quality employees in a number of ways; however, it’s imperative that businesses use hiring tools effectively to find the right candidates. Here are some quick ways a business can improve their hiring processes:

  • Post job ads, such as programmatic job advertising
    • By investing in programmatic job advertising, your open positions will be posted all over the internet. Diversifying where you post your jobs will allow you to source top-quality employees who are ready to commit quickly with maximum cost efficiency. 
  • Screen candidates prior to interviewing
    • Make sure your candidates are a good fit before you move them into the interview fase. A pre-assessment program that cross checks their references before stepping into the interview will save your business time and money.
  • Offer Self Schedule interviews to weed out responsive/interested candidates
    • There are also a number of helpful tools that can take the arduous task of scheduling your interviews. An automated system that allows your candidates to choose a time that works is the best way for your business to focus on the quality of the applicant.
  • Offer Realistic Previews/Trials/assessments
    • This is a critical step to ensuring your candidate’s expectations are met, saving your business time and money before an ill-fit employee commits. Taking the time to meet your candidate’s expectations is essential to ensuring you don’t end up with another open-position.
  • Centrally analyze recruitment data
    • Instead of allowing departments to operate with different hiring processes and expectations, recruitment data should be collected and analyzed centrally to make sure your company has comprehensive data to make the best hires possible.

These common practices with the QSR industries translate well to any business looking to streamline the ways they locate active employees that fit well within the company’s culture. 

How Crosschq Can Help You Achieve an Efficient Hiring Process

Corporate hiring teams can take advantage of effective hiring technologies that make QSR hiring practices possible. Advanced hiring software, like Crosschq, will take the guesswork out of hiring by providing you with 360 digital references, retention analytics, and a comprehensive candidate referral network.

Benefit from better insights into every candidate you review, making it easy to hire with confidence and enrich your workforce with highly-skilled employees.

Interested in streamlining your hiring processes? To learn more about Crosschq, request a free demo today.

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