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DISH Network tracks Quality of Hire as a consistent, reliable KPI

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Established a single source of truth for Quality of Hire

Identified programs that affect Quality of Hire

Saved Hundreds of Hours of Manual Reporting

About DISH Network

DISH Network, is a leading satellite tv and wireless provider, ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power. DISH is an organization that strives for innovation with an unshakable desire to win. 

Recently acquired by EchoStar, DISH is a growing telecom company that employs more than 14,000 people in the US. DISH is a public company with an annual revenue of $17 billion and provides services to over 17 million customers. 




HQ Location:

Englewood, CO

Company Size:


The Goal

DISH needed to consolidate disparate sources of data, and reliably measure and improve Quality of Hire building on their culture of data-driven decisions.

The Challenge

With a complex HR tech stack including iCIMs, Oracle, SAP and 3rd party vendors, DISH Network had competing sets of data. With no single source of truth, it was near impossible to accurately and consistently measure, much less improve, Quality of Hire.  

The Solution

Crosschq’s Insights solution allowed DISH leaders to consolidate their data sources into one source of truth. They also implemented Crosschq Voice to gather additional data points along the candidate and new hire lifecycle.

By leveraging Crosschq’s Quality of Hire learning model (“Q”) to construct unique measurements specific to their organization, they were able to build a powerful dashboard to extract QoH insights from six metrics important to DISH: retention, performance, potential, engagement, rehirability, and culture fit, aka “the DISH way”.

The dashboard segmented QoH measures by interviewer, candidate source, job location, hiring manager, department, job title and more.

Finally able to connect the dots, DISH gained visibility into what was truly impacting Quality of Hire. With this new information, they were able to emphasize accountability across departments and further identify programs to improve Quality of Hire.

Crosschq has provided them what was before nearly impossible to build: a consistent tracking and reporting on Quality of Hire across the organization.

Crosschq increased our Quality of Hire by

34% through advanced analytics

and pre-hire candidate 

reference checking."

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The Future

DISH is expanding their Quality of Hire tracking to their Front Line teams. And by adding Crosschq 360 to gather even more pre-hire insights, they are building a robust, learning model that will continue to inform with powerful insights, even as the company changes and grows. With these new initiatives to track and improve Quality of Hire across the organization, they are directly impacting the company's bottom line. 

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