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Domino Data Lab + Crosschq 360 =
An Efficient, Streamlined Hiring Process

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About Domino Data Lab

Domino Data Lab powers model-driven business for the world’s most advanced enterprises, speeding up the development and deployment of data science work. Their recruiting team needed to improve their hiring process while keeping their top-notch recruiting team small but mighty. 

Crosschq 360 provides better communication with each candidate starting early in the recruiting processes, and guides the hiring process from reference checking through interviews to onboarding, delivering invaluable insights along the way.



Software Development


San Francisco, CA

Company Size:

201-500 Employees


Crosschq 360

The Goal

When Every Hire Is a Critical Hire: Each hire at Domino Data Labs NEEDS to make an impact. Because of that, reference checks are really important.


With limited positions open, the team knew that having the right data on each candidate was critical to ensuring they were hiring the right talent. 

The Challenge

Traditional Reference Checking Is Biased: Domino Data Lab recognized that their manual reference checking process was inherently biased and lacked standardization.


In order to streamline hiring and successfully hire for niche roles, they needed a solution that gave them actionable and quality data to drive the best hiring decisions.

The Solution

Turning Reference Checks Into a High-Value Data Asset: After investing in Crosschq, the Domino Data Lab team discovered they were able to completely standardize their process, tailoring for specific roles and gathering data points to guide hiring for skills and competencies and eliminate unconscious bias.

They now routinely complete reference checking earlier in their hiring funnel, using candidate data from 360 Reports to highlight areas hiring managers should focus on during the interview and onboarding process.

The hiring process should be a full life cycle

that is tracked from the time a candidate enters

the pipeline to when they exit.  360 reports provide

invaluable data early

in the process

informing us about

quality of hire

and guiding our decision making process.

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Amanda Sigman

Manager, Global Recruiting
Domino Data Lab

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