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Nubank + Talentwall™ = Recruitment Pipeline Data For Faster, Better Hiring

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About Nubank

Nubank, the leading financial technology company in Latin America and the largest independent neobank worldwide, has more than 95 million customers. However, their data analytics in regard to recruitment had opportunities for improvement. 

Enter TalentWall™, the recruitment tool designed to streamline the recruitment pipeline, provide deeper access to the data buried in Nubank’s ATS, and leverage it to drive better, faster hiring.



Financial Services


São Paulo, Brazil

Company Size:

5,001-10,000 Employees



The Goal

Improve Time Allocation and Get More Data: The Nubank team could see very basic metrics that they pulled out of their ATS, but required more data to identify chokepoints in their hiring funnel and improve time-to-hire. 


They needed a faster, more comprehensive approach that would deliver data insights through visual reporting.

The Challenge

Insufficient Data and Poor Reporting Capability: Nubank didn’t have the tools they needed to quickly and efficiently generate helpful reports for their recruiters or hiring managers.

They knew the data was available in their ATS, but pulling information manually took too much time and the reports being created weren’t very valuable.

The Solution

Get Visual Reporting Without Manual Deep Dives: TalentWall™ allows recruiters to instantly get answers to questions like: “How many people has this recruiter successfully hired?” or “Where are we with interviews for this role?”. Suddenly, they had the ability to see where and why candidates were dropping out of the candidate pipeline, and instill better communication between candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers for greater hiring success.

Before TalentWall, recruiters were spending a lot of time

reporting individual statuses of each open position.

Talentwall saved a lot of time, letting us

reallocate team effort to other tasks.

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Levi Barbosa

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