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Cheat Sheet
The Quality of Hire Cheat Sheet

Straight from Crosschq Data Labs, get the 5 radical insights to help you hire and retain top talent

Q Report
The Crosschq Q (Quality of Hire) Report

In Crosschq's Biannual Q Report, gain unparalleled insights to support your Hiring Intelligence initiatives and ultimately drive better business outcomes.

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Digital vs Traditional Reference Checks

Switch to digital reference checks and not only reduce your time spent on checking references, but gain so much more.

Maturity Curve
Maturity Curve

This 2-pager covers each of the different stages to help you discover where you are on the Hiring Intelligence Maturity Curve, and provides actionable steps to move up the curve.

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TalentWall + Workday

Layer Talent Wall onto Workday seamlessly with a real-time, bi-directional sync.A color-coded, drag-and-drop dashboard makes for easier candidate management and faster hiring decisions.

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