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Sourcing solution that's a cut above the rest

Leave the sourcing to us and watch your candidate interest increase 7x and scheduled interviews double to that of using Linkedin Recruiter alone. 

  • Speed: Search for your ideal candidate begins in less than 5 minutes
  • Scheduling: Speed the hiring process with simplified interview scheduling
  • Insights: Stay informed on everything from diversity, sourcing, team performance, data and more.
  • CRM: Keep all candidate information in one convenient place - for now and in the future


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Hire faster, more collaboratively

Reduce time to hire by 40% and save up to 10 hours per week with our automated reports.

  • Pipeline Management: Recruiter Priorities and Bottlenecks are easily identified
  • Improved Candidate Experience:  Candidates move through the hiring process faster providing a better overall experience
  • Team Collaboration: Recruiters and hiring managers have full transparency on all open job recs at all times
  • Enhanced Analytics: Critical insights on candidates and recruiter performance


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What Our Customers Say

“The partnership between Crosschq and TopFunnel is a great example of how two tech companies have aligned to provide increased value to their customers, as well as job candidates.”

Alison Kaiser Head of Talent, Lunchbox

"We tripled hires per quarter in our first quarter with TopFunnel"

Hope Weatherford Former Head of Talent Acquisition, InVision

“I can’t imagine not having TalentWall™ be a part of our TA tech stack."

John Beard Head of Corporate & Technical Talent Acquisition, OneMedical

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Get in touch with a team expert to see how Crosschq TalentWall™ and TopFunnel can help you source better and hire faster.

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