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Top Recruiting Tools You Can't Live Without

Setting yourself up with the right tools as a recruiter is essential. You must be strategic about which tools you choose in order to be effective at sourcing and recruiting top talent.

Recruiting tools can help you navigate the entire hiring funnel — from sourcing quality candidates to understanding which recruits would be a great match for your open positions. The right tools can also help with onboarding as well as measuring new hire performance. 

There are many types of recruiting tools that can be broken down by category. Let’s take a closer look...

Recruiting Tools for Sourcing

Sourcing top talent today is more important now than ever. Fortunately, there are specialized recruiting tools to help you achieve each aspect of your hiring goals and connect with the best talent in your field. 

  • Crosschq Recruit: Get access to more candidates in your existing employees' and candidates' networks with this 100% opt-in referral candidate network. It allows you to get a better feel for the people who will best add to your organization and is a good diversity hiring source as well.

  • Slack Groups: Connect with a wider pool of potential candidates, including local or international candidates, depending on the specific needs of your open positions.

  • TopFunnel: The convenience of an all-in-one platform that integrates with top platforms like LinkedIn, your email provider, and your ATS — Teamable allows you to find, engage, and hire top talent easily.

  • JobScore: Improve your candidate pipeline with this first employer-to-employer resume-sharing network. Automate repetitive tasks that come up most often — from emails to interview scheduling — to allow you to focus on your candidates.

Recruiting Tools for Social Media

Social media is more powerful than ever, and it's a powerful asset that you can add to your recruiting arsenal. Try some of these key strategies to improve your social media connections. 

  • Facebook Advanced Search: Conduct an advanced search that will let you know more about the people you're searching for — and, in many cases, help you filter through your network and groups to find the people who are most likely to be a good candidate for your roles.

  • Crystal: This powerful AI LinkedIn extension creates a personality profile for the person that you're messaging, which gives you better insights into how to communicate with them before you start your recruiting efforts.

Recruiting Tools for Boolean Search

Narrow your searches and better define the candidate parameters you need with Boolean recruiting tools, which may use mathematical operators like AND, OR, NOT, and more to help refine your candidate searches. 

  • Boolean Strings Bank: Get a list of better strings and keywords, which may help you refine your searches and broaden your chances of finding precisely the candidates you're looking for. 

  • Boolean Assistant: Use this highly effective Chrome extension to generate Boolean modifiers when you need them, directly on the platforms and searches you're already using. 

Recruiting Tools for Diversity 

Diversity is becoming increasingly recognized as critical among successful organizations. Identifying diverse candidates, however, can be challenging. These tools can help improve your diversity recruiting and better connect you with the specific candidates who are most likely to help your organization grow. 

  • Entelo: Find diverse talent pools automatically, which allows you to search for the candidates who best align with your specific hiring needs.

  • Vervoe: Remove intrinsic bias from the recruiting process entirely, making it easier to find candidates based on their merits, skills, and capabilities, not on their backgrounds. 

    Hire a better, diverse team 95% faster

The Best Overall Recruiting Tools

What are the best recruiting tools on the market? With a wide variety to choose from, it's critical that you sift through the noise to identify the tools that allow you the best chances of success, as you bring new candidates into your industry.

  • Crosschq 360: Get the information you need about potential candidates before you bring them into your organization. How likely is it they will be successful at your organization? How likely are you to retain them? The better you know those candidates, the better you can distinguish whom to hire based on who is most likely to align with the specific needs of your company.

  • TalentWall™ by Crosschq: Hire faster, more collaboratively, and with greater transparency. Overlaying your ATS, you have an at-a-glance view of your pipeline health. Both recruiters and hiring managers have full transparency allowing for better collaboration during the hiring process, and an overall better candidate experience as well.

  • Shapr: As a networking tool, Shapr is one of the best ways to connect with a wider network. It's a great way to meet inspiring professionals eager to make a change. Pro tip: spend a little time connecting on Shapr on a regular basis to make the best use of those tools when you're ready to start moving candidates into open roles.

  • SignalHire: Don't have the email address or contact information you need for specific candidates? SignalHire makes it easy. Get verified contact information for specific individuals that you're interested in recruiting, even if they aren't already part of your network.

Recruiting Tools for Executive Search

Executive recruiters need access to a wide range of tools and solutions that can help them meet their regular job goals. Consider adding these tools to your daily routine. 

  • ZoomInfo: Get more information about potential leaders in your field, including work history, education, and publishing summaries, all compiled in one easy-to-locate platform.

  • Crosschq 360: Conduct a pre-hire reference check automatically to protect your recruiter’s time. It's the perfect way to streamline the recruiting process without cutting corners on quality.

  • Crosschq Recruit: Establish high-quality talent pools from this 100% opt-in candidate referral network. Build your pipeline faster and easier with this new talent source.

Recruiting Tools for Remote Recruiting

Recruiting teams use video conferencing on a regular basis to connect with potential candidates, especially in the early stages of the interview process. Some common choices include Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

  • Willo: You don't have to bring candidates in for an in-person interview every time, especially when recruiting in a remote world. Reduce bias and increase inclusivity with this one-way hiring software tool.

  • Spark Hire: Choose a one-way or live option with this video conferencing tool to create an efficient way for your recruiting team to evaluate candidates. Video interviews can be scheduled at any time and provide better screening for the whole team to evaluate.

Recruiting Tools for Assessment

Assessing your recruits is a vital part of the recruiting process. Having the right tools on hand can help you learn considerably more about your candidates, allowing you to better shape both your candidate selection and onboarding experience. 

  • Crosschq 360: Get to know more about your candidates, both from what they share through their own assessments as well as from what their references have to share about them.

  • Adaface: Automatically generate first-round tech interviews, which can provide you with a better idea of what candidates are capable of before they ever talk to anyone on your team. 

    Improve new hire satisfaction by 26%.

Recruiting Tools for Scheduling Candidates

In today’s competitive hiring environment, speed is the name of the game when it comes to recruiting candidates. If you lag on scheduling a top candidate, you risk losing them to another company. Luckily, there are recruiting tools to help in this area. 

  • Calendly: This time-saving tool allows you to easily eliminate the back-and-forth emails with your candidate trying to find a mutual time for an interview. This speeds up your interview process and helps with your overall hiring process.

  • GoodTime: Saving you administrative time and reducing your chances of missing out on another potential candidate, GoodTime automatically syncs with your availability and allows your candidates to schedule their own interviews without having to wait to be scheduled. 

Recruiting Tools for Job Postings

Looking for the language to recruit the best, diverse talent? Consider these key tools to help you get a competitive edge. 

  • Textio: This AI-recruiting tool is powered by evaluating its database of over 350 Million job descriptions. It analyzes your job descriptions in real-time and identifies masculine and feminine language, unnecessary verbiage, and opportunities to excite a candidate based on your company’s past job descriptions.

  • Boost Linguistics: Update the language in your postings to make them more engaging, increasing the odds that candidates will be interested in what you have to offer.

Are you ready to start taking advantage of the tools that can best improve your connection to interested candidates and help you get them in those open positions?

Contact us for a demo and learn more information from our HR experts about how Crosschq can add valuable recruiting tools to your process to help you hire top talent faster, more efficiently, and strategically.

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