Skills & Competency Job Requirements

Many companies have invested heavily in establishing skills & competency frameworks in an attempt to build job requisitions and selection processes that match skills needed for success with the job.

The challenge is that many of these models are built on legacy data frameworks and are in large part static in nature. In an ever-changing job market, relying on static models can be costly. Nothing is static: jobs change, technology changes, and skills needed also change. Crosschq's tools not only allow for change, but are built for change.

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The Crosschq Solution: Agile Models Based On Real Outcomes

Crosschq provides a learning model that is based on actual hiring outcomes -- so you can continually evolve them to ensure they accurately represent the skills and competencies displayed by your top performers, leading to a highly accurate (and agile) model and ultimately, outstanding hiring matches. 

The skills needed to excel in  particular role vary.  Track which skills and competencies lead to better outcomes, by individual roles, so you can better understand what qualities to seek.  

With Crosschq's reference checking solution, easily collect reports on candidates, highlighting their strongest skills and competencies so you can make an educated hiring decision. 

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Why Customers Turn to Crosschq

Continuous Learning

Crosschq AI models are always learning in a supervised environment, leading to relevant and accurate models.

Learn From Real Outcomes

Using post-hire data, Crosschq models learn what truly contributes to success, so you can iterate with confidence.

Real Results

Our customers see measurable improvements in their quality of hire, efficiency, and recruiter & hiring manager NPS.

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Quality of Hire

Establish a reliable approach to measuring this elusive metric

By connecting all of your talent data from ATS, HRIS and performance management systems and augmenting it with post-hire surveys, Crosschq builds a Quality of Hire model that reflects the unique characteristics of your company and job profiles.

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Candidate Experience

Keep a pulse on the experience right from your ATS

Trigger customized surveys at any step in the hiring journey so you can slice and dice the data to uncover areas for improvement.

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Predictive New Hire Success

Gain a full candidate picture for confident decisions

Crosschq's integrated candidate “dossier” helps you easily understand the totality of your candidate and ensure they are well matched for success in the role, reducing turnover and improving team performance.

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My organization struggles with...

Quality of Hire

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Quality of Hire

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Quality of Hire

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54% believe QoH will be #1

According to LinkedIn, 54% of recruiting professionals believe Quality of Hire will be the #1 priority in the next 5 years but are not sure how to improve it.

26% more revenue per employee

Employees with high QoH scores are more engaged. Studies shows that organizations with highly engaged employees capture 26% more revenue per employee.

400% as much productivity

Employees who are high-performers can deliver up to 400% as much productivity as employees who perform poorly, indulge in presenteeism, or are unengaged and unmotivated.

Quality of Hire will be the #1 prioritity for recruiting professionals over the next 5 years" - LinkedIn


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Tie sourcing, interviewing & hiring decisions to employee retention & performance

Establish Your QoH Baseline

Consistently measure Quality of Hire, and see where you stack up against industry benchmarks.

Uncover Areas of Opportunity

Filter & segment to quickly see if Quality of Hire varies by department, hiring manager, recruiter, office and more.

Predict the Perfect Candidate Fit

Ensure pre-hire assessments yield top performers by linking pre-hire data, like skills & values, to post-hire success for each role.

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